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THE RETURN OF THE RABBIT - Saturday June 24th 2006

The Black Rabbit Whorehouse returns with bastardizing bards JD Twitch & JG Wilkes. Come and hear the proclamation. Doors:11pm-3am Bluu (Basement) 60, Trongate - Albion St, Glasgow, G1 5EP (Use Albion Street entrance.) If you want to be updated on TBRW events, email 'subscribe' to optimoespacio@gmail.com

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THE RETURN OF THE RABBIT - Friday May 5th 2006 @ The Sub Club with Ada

The Black Rabbit Whorehouse returns to the Sub Club for a one off event with ADA from Areal Records. This graceful German singer-producer overlaps all kinds of styles and entertains with heart and mind. Ada loves to push her house- inspired music in two directions at once, and the resulting tracks sound both ultra-diluted (lots of blurred, misty computer sounds drifting in and out of the mix) and ultra-concentrated (with beats and bass lines so precise that they're almost violent). The reason why Ada's analog set-up is almost the smallest in all of Cologne: She doesn't like software synthesizers, because they don't have real buttons. Her music crosses oceans with loud volumes from New York to Toronto, Lisbon to Paris; all been enraptured by her live-performance. Doors at 11. 10 pounds / 9 pounds.

THE RETURN OF THE RABBIT - Saturday December 17th 2005 @ a secret Glasgow location. Details mailed out to everyone on the mailing list.

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In July 2004 we did a few underground word of mouth parties and one party at The Sub Club with Michael Mayer and Naum (live) while in April 2005 we did our biggest event so far (and probaly the biggest we will ever do) at The Arches with a Kompakt party featuring Michael Mayer and Justus Kohncke (live).






The Black Rabbit Whorehouse is Optimo's sister club (but kind of like sisters who were seperated at birth, had completely different upbringings but still have some sort of genetic connection going on) that runs once every now and then in Glasgow.

The main reason Optimo was started was as a reaction against the monotony of single genre dance clubs and the tyranny of the 4/4 beat. Techno and house music were in a creative cul de sac so it was necessary to escape while they found their way again. Thankfully they did. For a long while, predominantly German producers had been pushing the envelope and labels such as Perlon, Klang, Playhouse and Kompakt were showing a way forward.

By around 2000, this new sound known variously as 'glitch', 'microhouse' or as we named it 'whorehouse' (after a track by Akufen called 'Whorehouse New Process') had reached critical mass - there were producers all over the world innovating and releasing records. We were head over heels in love with this music and while we would (and continue to) play some of it at Optimo, we wanted to have a whole night that we could dedicate to these records. While Optimo could be said to play the best of everything, The Black Rabbit Whorehouse would concentrate on playing the best of innovative electronic dance music.

After doing four or five of these nights, I think we have finally found our way musically with the night. The initial idea to 'worship the glitch' was maybe a little too narrow and defining - being defined for us is the first step on the road to nowhere. So, the night embraces a broader range of sound.

So, what is this sound? Well, it is mutating all the time but we like to think that we are giving a forum to music that has no voice in this country. To paraphrase the old cliche, trying to describe music is a bit like dancing to architecture. But, imagine a form of dance music where the sounds, rhythms and structure of the music are ALL. Music where interesting (and sometimes downright stoopid) things happen as opposed to most dance music where after hearing four bars, you have pretty much heard all the track. Music that is great to dance to but maybe a little more challenging. Music with strange but eminently funky time signatures. Music with bass and sex. We are open to all sorts of sounds and because of this, we will play whatever makes us go 'Wow!'. So, this could also embrace for example some 2 step productions and records from way in the past that were just too far ahead of their time or out of kilter with what was going on then. But, we won't be constricted by any rules so who knows what you might hear?

Whatever, the night is about having fun and dancing rather than chin stroking. So, if you like dancing and like hearing music you have never heard before, come down and try it out. We do this because we believe in it and enjoy doing it. If it becomes popular, great but if it doesn't, well, we're not too fussed, we'll keep doing it anyway. See you there?