SIDE 1 tape 002 september 2001 - we love your tapeheads
jaques brel - amsterdam
the residents - it's a man's world
the sun city girls - the shining path
the white stripes - lord, send me an angel
andre williams - bonin'
the bush tetras - snakes crawl
the contortions - contort yourself
cabaret voltaire - nag, nag, nag
the only ones - another girl, another planet (wonky as anything version)
the count five - psychotic reaction
john carpenter - theme from assault on precinct 13
khan featuring julee cruise - say goodbye
etta james - i'd rather go blind
Fade up:
Neu - Hallogallo (section)
Burnt Friedman - from Non Place 2ep
Justus Kohncke - Old Man
Big Black - The Model
Killing Joke - Almost Red
Feadz - LT Replay
Elin feat. cassy - Can't turn around
Tm & Kpt - The light 3000
Ennio Morricone- The Result (section)
Shinehead - Billie Jean
Acid Hall Riddim - Unknown
Zucos - Brazilectro
Joy Division - Transmission