This may be a tad hard to follow but here's a full rundown of every sound used on the cd. The cd is an edited excerpt from a live 8 hour session that Twitch and Wilkes recorded at West Runton Pavilion in Norfolk during autumn 2002 and was given away free to everyone who attended our 2002 / 03 New Year party.

(tracks in black = wilkes, tracks in red = twitch)

test tone
lee hazelwood and nancy sinatra - some velvet morning
marc and the mambas - sleaze
bush tetras - snakes crawl
silver apples (vocal loop)
silver apples - water
a number of names - shari vari (kik drum and vocal sample)
frontline assembly - digital tension dementia
silver apples - water (samples)
a number of names - shari vari
thomas brinkmann - max ernst (k-werk edition)
ron trent - altered states (sample)
console - dirt on the wire
superpitcher - speicher 4 (superpitcher - irre)
laurie anderson - o superman (vocal sample)
kalkbrenner brent - salz & pfeffer
basczax - karleean photography (from earcom 2)
akufen - drum samples
paul mccartney - temporary secretary
hole in one - synth filter sample
leroy hanghofer (with agathe) - bathroomboogie (with added pop group samples)

the pop group - we are all prostitutes (processed loop)
gary jules - mad world
angelo badalamenti - mullholland drive theme (loop)
aphrohead - in the dark we live (drum loop)
phon.o - the garagedude (loop)
cabaret voltaire - nag, nag, nag (akufen mix)
peter licht - sonnendeck (guitar loop)
devo covering the contortions - contort yourself (loop)
the contortions - contort yourself (vocal loop)
twitch kik drum
the fire engines - get up and use me (processed loop)
kleenex - heidi's head - (loop)
twitch bass hit
metro area - orange alert (dfa remix)
akufen - deck the house
mount florida - poptimo (intro loop)
akufen - decompressnoise
the sisters of mercy - marian (guitar twang)
lcd soundsystem - beat connection
vince montana (percussion loop)
underground resistance - transition (loop1)
the osmonds - crazy horses (loop)
led zeppelin - immigrant song (loops)
esg - dance (loop)
esg - moody (spaced out) (loop)
daf - kebab traume (loop)
television - marquee moon (guitar loop)
grauzone - eisbar (loop)
aretha franklin - rocksteady (loop)
nitzer ebb - murderous (vocal loop)
twitch drums
twitch funk loop
vince montana (timbales loop)
afrika bambatta - planet rock (drum loop)
king crimson - 21st century schizoid man (vocal loop)
underground resistance - transition (loop2)
eurtythmics - sweet dreams
fini tribe - detestimony (bells loop)
elektrochemie lk - girl (loop)
nina simone - feelin' good (processed vocal loop)
shockheaded peters - i blood brother be (vocal loop)
art of noise - moments in love (loop)
laurie anderson - o superman (loop)
john carpenter - assault on precinct 13 (loops)
detroit cobras - right around the corner (loop)
daf - der mussolini (riff loop)
mark chapman - people say i'm crazy (vocal loop)
green velvet - flash (drum loop)
innes smith / mount florida - angry germans (vocal sample)
mk - separate minds (bleep loop)
devo - mongoloid (processed bass loop)
renegade soundwave - the phantom (loops)
twitch - betty botox (drum loops)
stictly rockers (vocal sample)
kevin saunderson - reese uptempo bassline
the cramps - let's get fucked up (loop)
johnny cash - personal jesus
(apologies for the glitch at this point - it was an error by the manufacturer)
akufen - quebec nightclub
mikey dread - dread at the controls (vocal sample)
dr. alimantado - born for a purpose
the winstons - amen brother (drum loop)
coronation street theme (sample)
martin luther king - i have a dream (processed speech extract)
was (not was) - out come the freaks sample
cristina - is that all there is?