As Optimo has become a crazily popular club (beyond our wildest ever expectations), we felt we should take this opportunity we have been given to try to do something positive and beneficial for our local community.

So, what we are going to introduce is a irregular fundraising night - Every so often, we will choose a local charity or organistaion in need of funds. We are also very open to your suggestions of who we should donate to. If you have a suggestion, please post it on the bulletin board or email us via the Kont@kt link at the bottom of the homepage.

Here is how it will work - on the appointed Sunday, we will charge an optional extra pound on the door (we don't think anyone should be forced into donating but hope most of you will embrace the opportunity). For every extra pound donated, we will then match that with pound out of our takings. So, if 400 people are willing to pay an extra pound, we will match that which means we will have raised 800 pounds!

We are frequently asked to play benefit gigs but usually the cost of putting on these events means that it is hard to raise that much money. We think this is a better way to do it as the overheads of putting on the night are already covered.

The first organisation to benefit is One In Four - "One In Four is an event backed by The Scottish Association of Mental Health. Our aim is to raise awareness of the affects of mental illness and to offer the opportunity for people to seek real support and advice". They approached us about participating which in turn kicked off the whole idea to make this a regular occurrence.

We hope you will support this initiative and look forward to hearing your suggestions.

The last Fundimo for the Beatson cancer centre raised - 800 pounds - well done everybody!