Saturday November 19th at The Glasgow School of Art. 10pm until 3am. Advance tickets @ 11 pounds will be available from G.S.A. and Monorail from 5/11/05. Otherwise, pay on the door.

DFA from New York City are undoubtedly one of the very best and most exciting labels of recent years. Optimo have been massive fans since the start and as the label has developed and grown, so has our love for what they do. To a lot of people, they are probably best known for the first releases by The Rapture, LCD Soundsystem and their stunning DFA remixes. But, there is more to the label than this and we wanted to do a night where we could show another side, and DFA in turn could show more of what they do to you. We are therefore delighted to present a whole night of DFA at The Art School in Glasgow.

Performing live will be

Delia Gonzalez and Gavin Russom -

They have just released the incredible 'The Days of Mars' album on DFA which is probably our favourite record of 2005. It is a gorgeous 50 minute journey through deep space using synthesisers mainly built by themselves. This is music for the head rather than the body so expect to be blissed out and feel free to trance out.

Dj'ing on the night will be -

Tim Sweeney -

Tim is thee DFA dj. He represents them around the world and mixes their compilations. He also presents the wonderful Beats In Space radio show which you can listen to on the internet via www.beatsinspace.net/

Tim is possibly our favourite dj. He won't bang you into submission with all the latest big tunes but will rather draw you in with a classic and varied selection of irresistible dance music. We are uber excited to have him come and make his Glasgow debut.

Tim Goldsworthy -

Tim is the studio whizz behind DFA. He's the one who gives everything THAT sound. Originally from England, Tim was the Mo Wax / Unkle studio brains and then he moved to New York where he met James Murphy while working on an album for David Holmes. They hit it off and decided to work together. Thus DFA was born. Tim rarely leaves the DFA bunker so we are delighted and honoured that he is coming to play in Glasgow. He has exquisite taste in music and maybe if we are lucky we will hear something from his forthcoming solo album due on DFA sometime next year.