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The Final Optimo

Thursday April 22nd 2010

doors on sunday will open at 9pm.

we had our 4am license rejected but are appealing that so keep your fingers crossed. otherwise it will be 3am.

we think a lot of people may turn out for this. please be patient and good natured to each other and don't skip the queue. people have booked flights from brazil, canada, belgium, usa, norway, sweden, germany, france and more just to be here on sunday. we are VERY humbled.

there will be no guest list. however, we have a very small number of very close friends and family who we want to be there so if you see anyone walking straight in, don't get annoyed as it will be one of this small group or it will be a golden tickets winner.

we've always thought that optimo is a forward looking music club. we think we should go out looking to the future, so expect to only hear the latest basstep and uk funky tracks all night. maybe we'll chuck "stand on the word" on at the end just for old time's sake?*




Countdown News Update

Wednesday March 31st 2010

The countdown....

Firstly, for anyone who missed the announcement about the end of the weekly Sunday nights, see here

So, the end is near, the tension is building, the pressure is on (us to deliver) and the emotional rollercoaster that has been the last few weeks is reaching its peak.

The last few Optimos will pan out as follows -

This Sunday (4th) is a bank holiday. Doors will open at 10pm and we have DâM-FunK playing live. We can't think of a more perfect (almost the last live act ever) guest for the club. From LA, check out Youtube for some funktastic live boogie of the highest order.

Sunday April 11th - 3rd last Optimo. 3 is a magic number.

Sunday April 18th - 2nd last Optimo. The first band not from Glasgow that we ever put on at the club were Finland's Opel Bastards. They were also one of the best bands we ever had play and are one of only a handful of bands we had back to play again. We also had them play as their alter ego And The Left Handed, and they have remained great friends of ours. They have now morphed into KXP. There is SFA about them online but their album is great and the Optimo (Espacio) remix of their song "18 Hours Of Love" has become a bit of an Optimo fave (and is featured on the Synth Summer podcast). It seemed very fitting and a seemly symmetry to have them as the last ever band to play the club. The past and the future collide.

Sunday April 25th - OPTIMOGEDDON. That's all folks. Adios. Fare ye well etc. etc.

We will release a bit more info about this before the day as we're still trying to decide what time we'll open at.

We do however expect it to be rather busy and entry will be on a first come, first served basis. There will be no guest list and no queue jumping. The only fair way to do this is for everybody who wants to come to have the same chance of getting in.

Stay tuned for more..….




March 5th and 12th

Tuesday March 2nd 2010

This Sunday Twitch and Wilkes are touring Australia so have left the club in the more than capable hands of two of Glasgow's finest purveyors of music for dancing - Pro Vinylist Karim and David Barbarossa.

Joining them will be one of the best new bands out of Glasgow, American Men.

Here's what they have to say about themselves.

LuckyMe's first band signing, American Men, a three-piece synthetic rock band formed of Claude Speed, Alilloyd, Scottt Chevrolet - members of Dananananakroyd and other obscure and fantastic Glasgow Rock bands. Here is a sound like no others - uplifting, driving synth music accompanied by tightly-syncopated live drums. Their debut release, Cool World features 5 shimmering tracks already being hyped across a span of rock and electronic genres, from Huw Stevens BBC Radio One to Hudson Mohawke and the legendary Mark Pritchard (Warp). These guys represent a new tone for the often dry scene of math & post-rock. Cool World is prog' for a generation raised on Boards of Canada and short attention spans - evoking childhood visions of the future; laser etched nazca lines; a city of pyramids and modernist skyscrapers. This is fun, clever, cinematic music playing with time signatures without losing its bright optimism and danceability.


Next week (12th), Twitch is still away touring some far flung part of the Antipodes but Wilkes is back and will be joined by the one and only Jackmaster for the night.





Monday February 22nd 2010

This Sunday (28th), it's the Optimo Turbo Rave.

What? Why?

The word "rave" has been much abused over the years. It has become almost a pejorative term and even leads to a bit of sniggering at the back. Almost everyone who has asked us about the Optimo Turbo Rave since it was first mentioned has jokingly asked if we'll be playing records by ____ (insert any dreadful early 90s dance act here). No, we won't. In our minds that's not what a rave was all about. It wasn't all hoovers at dawn, helium vocals, cheesy piano breakdowns and hands in the air all night. A rave was a place where a ridiculously loud sound system was combined with sensory overload lighting to enhance the experience of dancing to all strains of electronic dance music with a vague feeling of "one-ness" amongst the participants.

This is what we will put on on Sunday. The Sub Club already has the best sound system in Scotland but we're going to double that. This is not some dumb exercise in trying to deafen everybody. It is NOT going to be painfully loud, but rather the sound will be omnipresent. There will be no escape from the music, so if you like to hang out at the bar and chat all night, maybe skip this Sunday? We don't want to spoil the surprise regarding the lighting and a few other touches we plan to implement, but expect to be….dazzled!

We are always very amenable to taking requests at Optimo. We ask on this night that you don't ask us for any and definitely don't ask us to play _____ (insert your favourite cheesy dance anthem here). This is not an exercise in nostalgia. Sure, it would be futile for us to resist the lure of the shelves of late 80s and early 90s dance music we have, but we will also be playing records from the 21st century too.

If this is all starting to sound a bit serious, well, we take our stoopid concepts VERY seriously, but rest assured this WILL be ridiculously good fun and we 99.9999% guarantee you will leave with a smile (or a gurn) on your face.






Friday February 12th 2010

phot of danton eeprom

This Sunday, Valentine's night collides with Optimo. We thought about trying to cash in on this but we've never been very good at cashing in, and besides, the sight of lots of lovestruck couples canoodling in night clubs is enough to make us want to boke. So, instead we thought we'd go after the patently huge Match.com market and try to "fix you up at Optimo", but that seemed a touch crass. Instead, why not come along and dump your significant other at Optimo? It'll be dark so that should hide any tears and it'll be loud so that should silence any recriminations. There's also a very handy bar right next to the dancefloor, so you can get right on with drowning your sorrows and / or the celebrations.

For all those without any thoughts of romance, we also have Danton Eeeprom from Paris playing live. He makes electronic dance music that sounds like one has taken a lot of that plant food that appears to be all the rage these days, but without the need to actually ingest any of it and thus avoids the need to suffer any of the potential side effects. Score.


FYI, we sucked a bit of corporate cock this week. We usually avoid doing this but they made us an offer that was just a fraction of an iota beyond the point where it was more effort to turn it down than to accept. So, if you are a bit overwhelmed by adverts for a certain kind of vodka in the club this week, (their offer wasn't good enough that I'm going to give them any free advertising here), you'll know why.


Next week, the 21st, we have hooked up with the Glasgow Film Festival and will be doing a party with them to celebrate the end of their "Shorts" festival. They are good people who are trying to do something good for Glasgow so we did this purely for the love.

There will be films projected onto the gap site next to the club (good for passing the time when yr outside smoking). This is the programme -

You Made Me Love You (Miranda Pennell)
The Coming Race (Ben Rivers)
A Propos De Nice (Jean Vigo)
Scottish Screen Archive of queues and crowds

Inside the club, we will be projecting films from the following -

Kenneth Anger
Mark Leckey
Jean Genet- Un Chant D'Amour
Dancing Archive films

There is a load of great stuff on in the Film Festival - check it out here - www.glasgowfilmfestival.org.uk/

and for the "Shorts" festival, here - www.glasgowfilmfestival.org.uk/shorts

We also have live entertainment from GYRATORY SYSTEM from London. if you have heard of them already, you'll know why we booked them. If you haven't, well, they're ace and a breath of fresh air.

Here's what some people who write these blurbs for a living said -

"Gyratory System is a live/electronica project started by producer Andrew Blick. It takes conventional musical sounds, shatters them into small pieces, processes and reassembles them, to create the sound of a distorted marching band stopping off to pick up a rhythm section at Lagos en route to a rave in Dusseldorf."

“Like a score written by Kraftwerk and Looney Tunes…slightly maddening and totally compelling…this lurchy, lovely…thing"

They have a website here - http://www.gyratorysystem.com/

and their myspace is here - http://www.myspace.com/gyratorysystem

There is an Optimo (Espacio) remix of them coming sometime soon too.

The following week (28th) we are having an Optimo Turbo Rave and will post full details of that shortly. We'd just like to say that it is going to be several, if not all of the following superlatives - mental, insane, rad, loud as f**K, intense, amazing, mind blowing, a sensory overload - and suggest that you start making arrangements now to miss school, college, uni, work, signing on etc. etc.




The Year Gets In Gear - Weave live on the 31st January

Thursday January 21st 2010

weave - band from california

Belated happy new year. After a slow start to 2010 news wise we are finally getting into gear for the year. Thanks to everyone who came to The Fruitmarket and also to the incredible Meltdown party on January 3rd. We have lots coming up at the club including the Optimo Turbo Rave where we will recreate and update the sound, lights and feel of a full on early 90s rave. Why? As ever, because we think it will be fun and just to point out, it WON'T be an exercise in nostalgia. Full details soon but in the meantime, we have our first live guest of the year next week (31st), Weave from California -

"Primitive, reggae-tinged, afro-beat, post-punk girl group sound (think ESG, DELTA 5, THE SLITS, THE RAINCOATS) injected with B-52's style surf guitar, Ant Music drums and boy/girl vocal interplay reminiscent of Fun Boy Three's work with BANANARAMA : awesome !

That's not to say it's all retro night at the local. When the chants and yelps morph into actual lyrics, there's a definite BIZ MARKIE and MISSY ELLIOT meet BEYONCE theme.


Lots more coming up plus stay tuned for some big news.




we love your ears