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Optimo "Celebrating the end of the decade" Hogmanay Party

Thursday December 31st 2009

We are delighted to announce details of our "Celebrating the end of the decade" Hogmanay party. Once again we will be taking over The Fruitmarket and are already working on presenting our most ambitious event yet, with the best lighting and production of any event in the city. Guaranteed!

As we leave the 2000s, we felt that it was a good idea to celebrate some of the immense talent that has come out of our fine city in recent years and invite some of the best artists this city has produced to come and perform. After all, nobody knows how to entertain a Glaswegian audience on Hogmanay as well as somebody local.

We are delighted to have Hudson Mohawke joining us in the main room. He is one of the most talented artists Glasgow has produced in recent years and has just released an acclaimed album on Warp. Mr. Mohawke is also a phenomenal dj who definitely knows how to get a party started. He is set for great things in 2010 and will be kicking off proceedings on the night.

We always try to find an artist who will offer maximum entertainment at Hogmanay so we have asked former Glaswegian resident Drums Of Death to come and perform. Fresh from touring with Hot Chip and producing Peaches, he will be rocking his full voodoo-zombie set up and will bring a bit of full on RAVE to the proceedings.

For the first time, we will have a stage set up in the bar area. There won't be music throughout the night but there will be two live performances by two artists who played two of the best shows at the club this year - local Nae Wave heroes and current NME darlings (though we won't hold that against them) Divorce and one man disco industry and performer extraordinaire, The Nialiist.

JD Twitch and JG Wilkes will of course be hosting proceedings throughout the night and bringing in the bells.

Please note that this year the Fruitmarket have agreed to let us use the balcony once again. Doors will be opening at 10.00pm and the night will collapse in a heap at 4am.

Tickets are now on sale from Rub A Dub Records on Howard Street, Monorail in Mono, Kings Court and from The City Halls box office. They are also available online from Rub A Dub and The City Halls -



If you hold on to your ticket, you can come along to Optimo at The Sub Club on January 3rd for just £1.

Here are some links to the guest acts -





Ps - details for Optimo's birthday party on November 29th to follow.




Delphic and Skull Juice

Sunday December 13th 2009

photo of delphic

This Sunday we are delighted to welcome Delphic to Optimo. One of the best new bands and the most exciting live act out of Manchester in recent times, we saw them a few weeks when we played at The Warehouse Project in Manchester and were blown away by their live show which is seamlessly constructed with the dancefloor firmly in mind. The next day we booked them to play the club. Their first single camne out on the legendary R&S label with the follow up coming out on Kitsuné and their Ewan Pearson produced debut album is coming out in January on Polydor. They are one of the shortlisted 15 music acts for the BBC Sound of 2010 and will for sure go ballistic next year.

Check out the audio and video content on their website - http://www.delphic.cc/

Twitch and Wilkes are away touring the globe this weekend and have invited London's fabulous Skull Juice to take the reigns for the night. There are very few djs we would trust to look after the night but after having played a few gigs with Alex and Ben over the last couple of years, we knew instantly they were the right men for the job. Amazing djs with a phenomenal and passionate knowledge of a vast range of music, we are actually a little worried they will be so good that we'll get the sack and they'll move to Glasgow and take over the club.





Ultimate Thrush

Sunday December 6th 2009

glasgow pop combo ultimate thrush

Thanks to everyone who came to our birthday party and a huge thank you to Sons and Daughters for agreeing to play and for being totally fantastic.

This Sunday, Glasgow drunk punks Ultimate Thrush bring their unique brand of theatrical spazz-core to Optimo. Relentlessly loud, fast, complex, unconventional - and most important, lots of fun, they're going to be great! Don't believe us? Read what the real tastemakers have to say about them -

The Steinberg Principle said: "I am sorry. I don’t normally write bad reviews. If I don’t like something I just let it slide and forget about it. But in the case of The Ultimate Thrush I feel compelled to put something into words! " "Whether you love them or not Ultimate Thrush had a massively negative impact on me." "You either get music or you don’t. And I don’t get Ultimate Thrush." Response to review: "Just listened to The Ultimate Thrush on myspace. Pathetic. Can you even classify that as music???! If they’re the best thing to come out of Glasgow then fuck me the city’s in bad shape"




The Field

Sunday November 15th 2009

photo of the field

This Sunday (November 15th), we are beyond delighted to welcome The Field to Optimo. Originally a one man outfit - Axel Willner from Sweden - The Field have released a series of unique and wonderful records on Cologne's Kompakt label. Subsequently, Mr. Willner has turned The Field into a three piece live band that has been wowing audiences around the world. Alongside the music, they will also be bringing their own bespoke visuals. This one is going to be VERY special.

Full Hogmanay information to follow imminently.....





Sunday November 1st 2009

cold cave photo

It's HALLOWEEN! Yes, it's Glasgow's greatest Halloween party - Espookio - this Sunday (November 1st). Possibly our favourite night of the year.

We will be transforming the Sub Club into a subterranean horror chamber and will of course be playing a haunted soundtrack with lots of spooky fx.

We are also delighted to welcome Philadelphia's Cold Cave to join in the proceedings. One of our favourite new bands and recently signed to Matador Records, we have been completely smitten by their 21st century synth pop with a heart of darkness yet full of sonic warmth.

Check out their future hit "Life Magazine", soon to be remixed by Optimo (Espacio) here

We had been on a mission to book them for the club and felt they were the perfect Halloween guests.

"Dark, synth-splashed pop songs with enough of an industrial bent to validate any flashbacks you might be having of watching Catherine Deneuve and David Bowie stalk the club for fresh meat in The Hunger."


Once again the Irreverent Randy B. Cockburn will be on hand to compere proceedings, judge the best costumes (BIG, BIG PRIZES!) and will also be performing a well known Halloween classic with musical accompaniment from Twitch.

Photo reminder of last year here

Doors are at 11 and we have a 4am license.

Dressing up is not compulsory but is HIGHLY encouraged. If you have a pumpkin you have carved for Halloween, feel free to bring it along.




Asakusa Jinta + Espookio preview

Sunday October 25th 2009

asakusa jinta jpeg

This Sunday, October 25th, we are delighted to welcome Asakusa Jinta from Tokyo. You almost certainly haven't heard of them and they might be a bit different to your usual listening habits but if you like 1000% pure entertainment, we recommend checking them out. We here at Optimo HQ have long had an obsession with all things Japanese and have made several visits there - if we didn't live here, we would possibly try to find a way to live there. When it comes to music the Japanese frequently have a certain level of craziness that we are often lacking here in the west. Asakusa junta are a perfect example of this and aAfter seeing live footage of them and discovering they were coming to the UK, we went on a mission to bring them to Glasgow.

Here's some info about them -

Asakusa Jinta take their name and inspiration from the Tokyo historic district where jintas (roving Japanese street bands) once filled the streets. The band's mixture of punk, ska, swing, and march music (performed by the six-piece outfit including standup bass, horns, and rhythm section) began driving audiences wild in 1999. Asakusa Jinta's dynamic display earned a reputation throughout their hometown of Tokyo for vibrant (bordering on frantic) live performances, featuring outlandish swing-era-gone-mad costumes and typically standing-room-only halls. With a horn section prone to marching through the packed audiences and a frontman/bass player whose vocals conjure images of a carnival barker, Asakusa Jinta bring the spirit of chindon'ya (traditional Japanese street performance) to life.

Next week, November 1st, it is Espookio - hooray! Our favourite night of the year with crazy decor, scary music, big prizes, 4am license and Cold Cave live. Dress up!




Alden Tyrell

Thursday October 15th 2009

alden tyrell jpeg

This Sunday, August 18th, we are delighted to welcome the Dutch delight that is Alden Tyrell to Optimo. A man of many aliases he has released a plethora of dancefloor stormers reimagining disco, italo and high energy for the 21st century mainly through the fantastic Clone label. Several of these have been played to within and inch of their lives over the years at the club and his current release under the Tyrell corporation banner "Alone Together" is an electro wave stormer that could take any roof off any dancefloor. We are super excited to present one of his legendary live performances.

Next week, October 22nd, we present Japanese insanity from Asakusa Jinta - more to follow....




Health live

Sunday October 4th 2009

health the band

Direct from Los Angeles we present HEALTH (Live).

HEALTH are the new frontier of noise rock. Formed in 2005, they self-recorded their debut album over the course of 9 months at Los Angeles D.I.Y. venue The Smell, birthing an urgent and extraordinary album which seethed with ghostly, epic pop and spurts of chaotic noise.

They also went on to release a critically-acclaimed remix record HEALTH//DISCO, featuring the excellent collobration with Crystal Castles ''Crimewave''. They have also toured with Crystal Castles, Nine Inch Nails, Of Montreal and most recently Fuck Buttons.

In April, they emerged with their first new single since 2007: "Die Slow" - which received immediate accolades from Pitchfork & NME, with the effects rippling across their european tour, resulting in a near-riotin Eastern Europe. The song's infectious fusion of noise and dance is the most fully-formed piece of music from the band yet.

The new album ‘‘Get Color‘‘ is a celebration of sound; pretty, harsh, soft and basked in a blanket of ethereal vocals.

Please join us at The Sub Club on Sunday 4th October...




Joakim And The Disco

Sunday September 20th 2009

photo of joakim

We are delighted to welcome back the live delights of Joakim And The Disco to Optimo.

Joakim Bouaziz is the Parisian founder of Tigersushi records and brilliant producer/remixer in his own right. Renowned for solo work such as ''I wish you were gone'' and ''Drumtrax'' - not to mention his superb remix output which includes acclaimed mixes of Poni Hoax, DJ Medhi, and Cut Copy to mention but a few - have cemented his reputation as one of the most innovative and influential artists around.

Joakim will be performing at the club with his band under the moniker ''Joakim & the Disco'' - whose album ''Milky Ways'' has been tipped as one of the best of 2009 so far, featuring the excellent single ''Love & Romance & A Special person''. Joakim & the Disco have been described as everything from electro-pop, pyschedelia, krautrock and exotica! Please join us for what promises to be a diverse journey through modern disco's more interesting elements.




This Sunday September 6th - Optimo Is Free and Den Haan are playing

Sunday September 6th 2009

This Sunday we are throwing a free party at The Sub Club to try to make up for the disruption of last Sunday night's Optimo with Alter Ego, which was interrupted by the fire alarm going off on two occasions. So, whether you were at Optimo or not that night, you are welcome to come along on Sunday and it won't cost you a penny. We have asked our good friends Den Haan to come along and play too and we hope this goes some way towards making up for the problems experienced on Sunday.




The Electric Frog Street Carnival / Alter Ego

Sunday August 30th 2009

alter ego

After the street carnival, we have the return of Frankfurt's amazing Alter Ego at the club. Alter Ego will also be playing with us at Cabaret Voltaire in Edinburgh on Saturday 29th. It is very rare for us to bring an act to the club more than once but Alter Ego were so amazing when we had them last year that we couldn't wait to have them back. They are without a doubt one of the finest live electronic acts on the planet. If you have a ticket for Electric Frog, bring it along and get a discount on the door.




The Electric Frog Street Carnival / Alter Ego

Sunday August 30th 2009

electric frog street carnival

Next Sunday (August 30th), we are delighted to be playing at the Electric Frog Street Carnival. We will be playing 6.30 - 8.45.




The Juan Maclean

Sunday August 16th 2009

the juan maclean

On Sunday 16th August we welcome the mighty Juan Maclean (DFA) to the Subclub -

Juan Maclean is the robotic persona of New Hampshire resident John Maclean. His Juan MacLean sound initially came to attention due to its dark NY underground groove, equal parts chilling electro-disco and sci-fi paranoia. The bleeping analogue rhythms of early dancefloor hits like "by the time i get to venus" and "every little thing" have since provided MacLean with a confidence, profile and success that has allowed him to step out of his earlier "robotic" persona into a more optimistic and collaborative phase.

Recent album "the Future Will Come" finds Maclean working with NY punk-funk scene luminaries Nancy Wang (of LCD Soundsystem), Gerry Fuchs (formerly of !!!) and members of Holy Ghost.



This promises to be a very special evening, so please get down early.




Optimo presents Gavin Russom (DFA) Live

Saturday July 25th 2009

gavin russom dfa

We are delighted to welcome Gavin Russom to the club, he will play two gigs, one at Optimo in Edinburgh on Saturday 25th and one at the Subclub on Sunday 26th. Gavin Russom is musician, performance artist and sculptor. He first came to prominence with the collaboration Gavin & Delia on DFA records in 2003. Since then Russom has distinguished himself with exceptional releases as both Gavin Russom, Black Leotard Front and Black Meteoric Star. He produces vast tracks that often reached the 15 minute mark, delving deeply into ritualistic electronic rhythms and synthetic trance-disco. Please join us.




Boat Party

Friday July 24th 2009

optimo boat party




Optimo and Melting Pot present - The Waverley Riverboat Shuffle

Friday July 24th 2009

waverley boat

We are delighted to hook up with our friends at Melting Pot to present a wee summer adventure. After two wonderful barn dances, we felt we wanted to do something a bit different this year and when the opportunity presented itself to be the first clubs ever to use the legendary Waverley steamer for a party, we jumped at the chance -

Optimo and Melting Pot present...

The Waverley River Boat Shuffle

Hosted by JD Twitch, JG Wilkes, Simon Cordiner and Bill Brewster

Friday 24th july 8pm 'til late. Passengers must be at the Glasgow Science Centre by 7.45. The boat will sail at 8PM! 3 hour sail on the Waverley followed by a secret location warehouse party 'til 3am. Transport provided between venues.

Ticket Information:

Tickets are £25.

Available from -

Aspecto - West Nile Street glasgow 0141 248 5349

Ticket Scotland: in person - 239 Argyle Street

Online - www.tickets-scotland.com

Credit Card - 0870 220 1116

"Friggin' in the rigging"




We came in peace for all mankind...

Sunday July 19th 2009

moon 40th anniversary

This Sunday (well, Monday to be exact, but then three quarters of Optimo is on a Monday morning) it will be exactly 40 years since Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first men to set foot on the Moon. It was one of humanity's greatest ever achievements and for one short moment brought all the people of Planet Earth together.

To mark this anniversary, the first hour of the night will be an audio tribute featuring recordings from July 20th 1969 interspersed with Moon songs.





Optimo June News pt 3 - Optimo present BATTANT (live)

Sunday June 28th 2009


This Sunday (28th) we are delighted to welcome Battant from London to the club. Signed to our allies, Kill The DJ, their debut album "No Head" is produced by Ivan Smagghe and Tim Paris. Think Jesus and Mary Chain meets Underground Resistance. Battant will also be joining us at Cabaret Voltaire in Edinburgh on Saturday June 27th.





Optimo June News pt 2 - Optimo present MODERNAIRE (live)

Sunday June 21st 2009


Continuing our cunning ploy of putting loads of bands on in June when everybody is out of town, this Sunday we bring you Modernaire.

Modernaire are three eccentric characters from Manchester. Two female vocalists spin folky, choir-like melodies of dark tales over an electronic backing reminiscent of Delia Derbyshire in her more rock orientated moments. Imagine the soundtrack to The Wickerman, produced by the Hacker.





Throbbing Gristle

Wednesday June 17th 2009

throbbing gristle

Next Wednesday (17th) we alongside, Industrial Records, are ecstatic to be presenting Throbbing Gristle's first ever Scottish performance.




New Optimo mix cd just out - "In Order To Edit"

Monday June 15th 2009

in order to edit twitch

There is a new Optimo mix cd just out, "In Order To Edit". Put together by JD Twitch it is his pick of the R&S back catalogue. R&S was a seminal Belgian techno label in the early 1990s that has recently been reactivated. As a massive fan of their releases back then, Twitch was delighted and honoured to put this selection together that features many exclusive mixes and edits. Banging, intense, dark and lovely.




Optimo June News - Casiokids / TG / In Order To Edit +++

Sunday June 14th 2009

casio kids

This Sunday we are delighted to welcome Casiokids from Norway. Their live show has been described as "electro-theatre". We're not entirely sure what that means but it has got to be better than some dude on stage staring at a laptop. Here's how they describe themselves -

"Old analogue, trashy keyboards and pop melodies make up the Norwegian electro-troupe that is Casiokids. With tunes often sung in their native language and influenced by afro-beat, techno and out-and-out pop, the band draws similarities and takes inspiration from Paul Simon's "Graceland", Ivor Cutler, New Order, King Tubby, Bob Hund, Cornelius and Fela Kuti."

We're not sure how many of them perfrom but there's a scarily large number of them in the photo below (not sure how they'll all fit on the Sub Club stage at the same time!)






Sunday May 31st 2009

fan death

This Sunday we welcome Fan Death from Vancouver. Their "Veronica's Veil" single on Phantasy still gets played at the club. In a similar vein to the modern electronic disco of Chromatics or Glass Candy, they also do a cover of Optimo anthem "Goodbye Horses" by Q Lazarus which hopefully they will play on Sunday (they will be the third act to cover it at the club).

They describe themselves as "Anthemic, uplifting and melancholic like our inspirations Depeche Mode, New Order, Alphaville, Pet Shop Boys and Human League". Err, we'll let them off with the Alphaville just this once!

Here's the rather tasty video for Veronica's Veil -
Finally, after doing two (amazingly good fun) Barn Dances the last two summers, we decided to do something a bit different this year. Details to follow very soon.......





Sunday May 10th 2009

amazing baby

This Sunday we welcome Amazing Baby from Brooklyn. Allies of MGMT (some of you may have seen them when they supported them on their last tour), their music has been described as riff heavy stoner psychedelia. We're not stoners but they definitely appeal to our psychedelic side.




NEXT UP AT OPTIMO - Mi Ami ( Bank Holiday - doors at 10.30. Late license).

Sunday May 3rd 2009

mi ami

This Sunday we are delighted to welcome Mi Ami from San Francisco to Optimo. We love percussion so they're "all-out pulsating rhythmic throwdowns" should work a treat. Here's the lowdown from the band themselves -

"we were born in augus of 2006 as a duo of drums/guitar/junk/electronics/vocals reaching towards the distant lights of daniel wang, african disco and gamelan. it came out very different than we expected, as it should be with all things. in august of 2007, jacob joined us and the holy trinity was completed. it is what it is unless it's something else. mi ami lives".

There is some live footage here

Doors are at 10.30 and we have a late license.





Sunday April 26th 2009

save the bees

This Sunday we are asking you to help save the bees. We're not asking you for any money. We just want to let you know (if you don't already) that the world's honey bees are disappearing at an alarming rate. Now, this might seem like it is a trivial matter but if the honey bee disappears completely, so might we. We rely on the honey bee to pollinate a vast amount of our crops - Albert Einstein once said that if the bees disappeared, "man would have only four years of life left".

From 2007 - 2008, they declined by 30%. Nobody really knows why and the Government hadn't seemed to be too interested until this very week when they allocated £10 million for further research. So, it is up to all of us to try to do something.

On Sunday night we will hand out some literature letting you know things you can do to help and we will play the odd bee related record to remind us all how marvelous these little insects are - they pollinate our plants, they make delicious, nutritious honey, they are furry and cute, they make a great buzz, buzz buzzing sound. Yes, they have a nasty sting but they only use that in extreme circumstances. So, join us in celebrating these amazing creatures and seeing if we can all help to make sure they (and we) don't become extinct.

All we ask is for a minute of your time to read a little bit about what can maybe done to help and then perhaps think about doing something and spreading the word.

More information here -






Sunday April 12th 2009


This Sunday is Easter! We will have a couple of bunnies handing out eggs for all those who didn't get an Easter egg this year. We will have an Optimo special lighting system for the night and we also welcome back Electronicat http://www.myspace.com/electronicat who last played for us when we were temporarily in the now long gone Mas club on Royal Exchange Square way back in the year 2001! From Paris but currently resident in Munich, Mr. Electronicat makes loud, hypnotic music that is 50% electro and 50% rockabilly. He's great!

Doors on Sunday will be at 10.30. See you there.


Next up on April 26th - SAVE THE BEES!





Sunday April 5th 2009

Big Ned

To coincide with the launch of their debut album on Optimo Music Big Ned bring their finely honed sleaze-rock to the Sub Club stage this Sunday. I know we are biased but they really ARE great live. Advanced copies of the album will be available at a specially reduced price on the night.




NEXT UP AT OPTIMO - Optimo on Radio 1 / Konx-Om-Pax at the club >>>>>>>

Wednesday March 18th 2009


Hear the shambolic sound of Twitch n' Wilkes filling in for Vic Galloway on Radio 1 tonight (18/03). 12 - 2am. If you miss it, you can listen again here

then -

Sunday 22nd March 2009 - "LIVE INSTAL - DISPLAY COPY" A Live Audio & Video Installation by KONX-OM-PAX.

Konx-om-Pax is 24 year old Glasgow based director/sound designer Tom Scholefield. Since graduating from the Glasgow School of Art he has worked for labels such as Warp, Planet Mu, Underground Resistance and most recently DFA Records. Scholefield creates everything from album artwork to animated promo videos. His work has been screened at various international locations including Tokyo and Hollywood.

For this special performance at Optimo, Scholefield will be installing a series of video monitors to screen new works in conjunction with live audio experiments.

The main inspirations for the performance come from the works of music concrete legend Bernard Parmegiani, video artist Nam June Paik and the surrealist animator Piotr Kamler. Not for the fainthearted, this piece promises to be a full on audio-visual assault.




Optimo presents - A New Kind of Kick.

Friday March 13th 2009

the cramps

The recent passing of The Cramp's Lux Interior totally devastated us and we felt compelled to do something to mark the occasion.

So, on Friday March 13th we will host a musical celebration of the life of Lux. This will be a night of music The Cramps taught us - filthy, fucked up rock n' roll, rockabilly, strip music & swamp sleaze, and of course a healthy dose of music from the mighty cramps themselves who showed us that the ROLL is as important as the ROCK.

Venue - stereo

Doors 11 - 3. Full twang-o-rama sound.

Entry - £5

Let's get fucked up!

Lastly - for those who use Twitter, very irregular Optimo news including details of upcoming podcasts can be got here - http://twitter.com/JDTwitch





Sunday March 1st 2009

little boots

This Sunday (March 1st), we are delighted to welcome Little Boots to Optimo. As big synth pop fans, we were excited to discover someone who was pushing that sound into new realms. Since we booked her several months ago, the hype machine has gone super nova. Forget that and come and enjoy her super entertaining live show.





Sunday February 15th 2009

desmond and the tutus

Desmond & The Tutus

There has been a distinct lack of news updates on here recently. Apologies for that - normal service shall now be resumed and a big thank you to Pollyester, The Niallist and Bum Clocks who have recently graced the Optimo stage.

On Sunday February 15th Twitch and Wilkes will both be away in Australia. It is very, very rare for both of them to miss the club so to make up for that we have a whole host of things going on at the club. It is the start of the Glasgow Film Festival and to mark that, the GFF will be screening a series of short David Lynch films in a Lynchian Red Room at the back of the club. In the main part of the club, there will be screenings of early abstract filmworks.

Playing live will be Desmond & The Tutus from Johannesburg. Anyone who has been to the club in recent times will know (the remix of) their song "Kiss You On The Cheek", which incidentally was the most asked about song at the club in 2008. Live they are a punky funk sexplosion. This is their first time playing outside their native South Africa, so please show them some good old Scottish hospitality.

Warming up for Desmond & The Tutus will be David Barbarosa and to rock the dancefloor afterwards, we have invited a dj who we think is the best Glasgow has produced in many years - Jackmaster!

Abnormal service will be resumed the following week.

In other exciting news, Optimo is delighted to announce the birth of a new record label - Optimo Music. The first release, a fantastic 7" single (and taster for their upcoming album) by Big Ned is in all good music shops now.

Upcoming - Big Ned album, Den Haan 12", Dollskabeat 10", Older Lover 10" and more.

More news to follow soon.




we love your ears