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Hogmanay Details

Wednesday December 31st 2008

Noze and Den Haan

It's time for our annual Hogmanay Party at The Old Fruitmarket. Each year we strive to improve on the previous one and this year will be no exception. For months we have had our lighting designers, video specialists and production team slaving away in a top secret basement working on a production Broadway would be proud to call their own. No shoddy erections!

For our guests, we thought long and hard about who would put on the most entertaining live show and came up with two acts who are ALL about putting on a great show, which frankly is what is required on Hogmanay.

Firstly we have local super heroes Den Haan. Two Hi Nrg, Italo Disco maniacs from Glasgow who put on one of our favourite shows at the club this year (let's hope they don't set off the fire alarm this time). Destined for greatness in 2009, their "Release The Beast" and "Nightshift" songs are already dancefloor stormtroopers. They will be presenting an all dancing, visual extravaganza on Hogmanay.

Then, from Paris, France we present the completely awesome Nze. As well as making some of our favourite songs of the last few years - "Kitchen", the total anthem that is "Remember Love", and "Love Affair" - they are renowned, nay, notorious even for their live show.

Perhaps we should let them tell you a little bit about themselves -

"Nze are two comrades, two troublemakers, full of life, joy and happiness, often wearing their straw hats and stripping of their clothes at the end of their show after musically anything has been touched. A touch of Summer even in the deepest Winter.

They are coming with a lot of gear, playing real instruments like the Korg MS20 and the digital legend Korg M1. Supported by their music computers, the big mixing desk as the core and their own voices, they create a unique show on any stage, taking the vibes of the club up to the max!

The friends of Nze excited of their music are: Luciano, Akufen, Ricardo Villalobos, Hot Chip, and, Herbert? to name a few."

Anchoring the night will of course be Optimo AKA JD Twitch and JG Wilkes.

Doors will open at 10.30pm on the 31st December 2008 and close sometime after 4am on the morning of January 1st 2009.

Tickets are available now from Monorail Records, Rub A Dub and City Halls Box Office Candleriggs, Glasgow, G1 1NQ T: 0141 353 8000 Online: www.glasgowconcerthalls.com

Ps - Anyone with a Hogmanay ticket can get in free on Sunday January 4th.

Have an amazing Christmas and all the very best for 2009.




Simian Mobile Disco & Christmas Party

Sunday December 14th 2008

simian mobile disco

We are delighted to present the show that nearly never happened. Originally part of a short mini tour of the UK playing clubs rather than large venues, the whole tour was cancelled when the London venue pulled out. We decided we couldn't let this happen so after prolonged negotiations we can now announce that Simian Mobile Disco will be playing a one off show at Optimo on Sunday December 14th. This will be their full live and visual extravaganza, slightly condensed to fit in the Sub Club.

Doors will be at 10.30.

it will be 13 / 12 to get in and we aplogise in advance for the high price but it was the only way we could make this show happen. We have had an unprecedented number of emails asking about this and as the stage production will be larger than a usual gig at Optimo and thus take up more audience room, we suggest getting down early to ensure entry.

On Sunday December 21st we will be having our Christmas Party.




November News

Saturday November 1st 2008

Divorce Optimo Music

Have an amazing Christmas and all the very best for 2009.Thanks to everyone who came to Espookio and made it yet another unforgettable night. For those who haven't seen them, the photos are here.

This Sunday (23/11) we are delighted to present Glasgow's Divorce. Various members of the band have graced the stage at Optimo in other bands and their combined energy in Divorce should be a 20 minute punk rock metal short sharp shock. Remember where you saw them first (or second).

Next Sunday Optimo (30/11) is 11. Fuck me! How did that happen? There will be cake, there will be bubbly, there will be all the accoutrements of a great party as well as a trawl through 11 years of Optimo music (if we can remember that far back).

We will have full details of our annual Fruitmarket Hogmanay party imminently. Tickets are on sale now, but stay tuned for full details.





Friday October 31st 2008

espookio 2008

Yes, it's that time of year again where we put on what is perhaps Glasgow's best loved Halloween Party.

So, start thinking about your costume while we dig out the spooky hits and haunting sounds, transform The Sub Club into a horrortastic haven and dig out our judging hats to award the big prizes to the best attired freaks of the year. Once again the Irrev. Randy B. Cockburn will be on hand as master of ceremonies. Here's last year's madness.

Doors are at 10pm and please note that it is Sunday November 2nd (the closest Sunday to Halloween)

It's Halloween!





Friday October 24th 2008

sleepwalk twitch

In other news, we have a new compilation cd out on Domino next week entitled "Sleepwalk". There is info on that here. We will be doing a wee launch for it at Monorail next Tuesday -

"Monorail Music and Optimo (Espacio) would like to invite one and all to a low-key launch party for their excellent new Sleepwalk compilation. Featuring a sterling cast which includes Arthur Russell, Mulatu Astatke, Nurse With Wound, Lee Hazlewood, Cluster and Future Pilot AKA, Sleepwalk is intended as a heavy-lidded, slightly disturbed soundtrack for those pre-dawn moments of insomnia.

DJs JD Twitch and JG Wilkes will play music from 7pm, Tuesday 28th October. Mono, 12 Kings Court, King Street, Glasgow G1 5RB. 0141 553 2400. Free event. Hope to see you there".

Also, This Saturday (25th) is our monthly Saturday night at Cabaret Voltaire. We are delighted to have soon to be Glasgow superstars Den Haan joining us for the evening.




Moon Unit

Saturday October 4th 2008

moon unit

This Sunday we are delighted to present Moon Unit live. Who I hear you ask? Well, Moon Unit is the electronic disco lovechild of Paul Mogg (Psychonauts) and Xaver Naudascher (Terranova). They run the Supersoul label which recently had a compilation of their 12" singles released by DFA. Anyone who has been to the club over the last year or so will have heard and probably danced to some of their Moon Unit releases and we are delighted to present one of their first ever live performances, complete with live vocals from the lovely Rosalind.





Sunday September 14th 2008


Do you like BASS? I mean bass that hits you in the gut and makes you feel all warm and alive deep inside? If so, you will love Disrupt. From Leipzig, Germany, Mr. Disrupt's take on dub and dancehall resulted in one of our favourite albums of last year - the 8 bit dancehall delight that was the "Foundation Bit" album. This is is first Scottish appearance. This is not dubstep. This is music designed for complete and utter sensory intoxication, tweaked and honed for intense stupefied skanking. BASS!






Sunday September 7th 2008

jessie evans with toby dammit

JESSIE EVANS - September 7th

Jessie Evans is total entertainment. An exotic delight and one of the most extraordinary live acts you will see this, or any other year. Accompanied by Toby Dammit on drums (Toby is one of the finest, most innovative drummers on the planet who has played with Iggy Pop and The Residents), Jessie performs, sings and plays saxaphone giving rise to a show that is somewhat like James White and The Blacks meets Cristina ; Electro and pop meets afrobeat. Exiled from California and now based in Berlin, she describes her show as "flirtatious with an incredible energy!" When we discovered her, we instantly thought WE HAVE TO HAVE THIS SHOW AT OPTIMO. As we always try to make our dreams come true, now we do. See her Myspace for much more. Trust us, this, her Scottish debut is going to be fab.





Ming Ming And The Ching Chings

Sunday August 31st 2008

Ming Ming And The Ching Chings

On Sunday August 31st, we present Ming Ming And The Ching Chings, a new Glasgow band, with the force of nature that is Chet (former Sub Club doorman) on percussion. We recently saw them at King Tuts and felt instantly compelled to invite them to play. Hi octane music of the first order.




Den Haan

Sunday August 17th 2008

den haan

On Sunday the 17th we are delighted to present the Optimo debut of Den Haan. Den Haan rose out of the ashes of Creme De Menthe who had the first official release on Optimo's now retired OSCARR label, and went on to much success before going awol for a few years. It turns out Matt De Menthe and partner in crime Gardi were away honing their HI NRG skills and are now back with an all singing, all dancing, audio visual live extravaganza. HI NRG, once thee club soundtrack in Glasgow around 20 years ago is back, refreshed, reviatalised and ready to make you dance.




Plastique De Reve vs. Ego Spastachrist

Thursday August 14th 2008

On 14/08/05 we present Plastique De Reve vs. Ego Spastachrist. Plastique De Reve is a Swiss Acid House maestro who performed at the club back in the Planet Peach days along with several other Swiss nutters. He will be collaborating with local mysteron Ego Spastachrist who Optimo regulars may recognise from his regular appearances propping up the bar at the club over the years. What to expect? Expect a dance frenzy with a twist, possible costumes and much mirth.




Truffle Club

Sunday August 10th 2008

Truffle Club

This Sunday (10th) we are delighted to present the return of The Truffle Club. The Truffle Club is Dave Clark who first released a record 15 years ago on Twitch and Brainstorm's long defunct T&B Vinyl. Since then he has had his fingers in many pies - he has his long, long, long awaited Big Ned album due for forthcoming release on the new Optimo Music label, is Twitch's remix partner in the Optimo (Espacio) series of remixes and has been active as Truffle Club for many moons. His "Gone Blue" 12" on Dissident is one of the best records of recent times and has been an Optimo staple ever since we prised it out of his hard drive. Mr. Clark will present a set of sumptuous tranced out electronic disco dancing music. With a bit of luck you might also get to see his legendary on stage gurning.





Friday August 1st 2008

This city is hoaching with talent and as we like our themes at Optimo HQ for the month of August we decided to have a wee frenzy of local acts.




Chrome Hoof

Sunday July 13th 2008

chrome hoof

This is one we have been looking forward to for ages and is rescheduled from earlier in the year after their drummer injured himself. Chrome Hoof call themselves an orchestra. There are certainly a lot of them (up to nine or ten members) so how we will actually fit them all on to the Sub Club's stage at this point remains a bit of a mystery. They explain their ethos as follows -

"Chrome Hoof formed at the turn of the millenium to celebrate their shared love of mid-seventies funk and disco. Like sequined pied pipers, they recruited everywhere they played, building an army of multi-instrumentalists, including a full horn and string section, generating a devoted cult following with their legendary live shows. A veritable orchestra of musicians perform, decked out in futuristic monks' robes, kicking it like some unholy hybrid of Sun Ra, ESG, Goblin, Parliament-Funkadelic and Black Sabbath, complete with choreographed dancers, actors taking vaudeville interludes, and a twelve-foot tall metallic ram dominating the dancefloor."

Will the twelve-foot tall metallic ram be coming to Optimo? Who knows?!

Chrome Hoof, probably the best disco-metal band in the world!





Barn Dance

Friday July 4th 2008

Optimo presents:

The "Second Annual Optimo Barn Dance" On July 4th we will be presenting this year's Optimo barn dance in the mystic badlands of Fife. Last years was perhaps our favourite night of the year and this year is going to be even better with far, far better food, live entertainment and some extra attractions.

Here's all the details -

Optimo barn dance, Friday July 4th

On arrival there will be live entertainment from Jacob Yates and The Pearly Gate Lock Pickers the new project from Jake of Uncle John and Whitelock fame. This will then be followed by a big old Optimo hoedown from Twitch and Wilkes.

We were bitterly disappointed by the catering last year and have gone all out to make sure it is 1000% better this year. Everyone will be given a ticket that entitles them to something tasty from the grill. There will be a vegetarian option too.

The Bucking Bronco will be making a return this year but we will run it as a proper competition with a prize for whoever stays on the longest. There will also be some additional (surprise) fairground attractions along with a fully licensed bar.

Tickets including travel and food are 25 from Monorail Music and Tickets Scotland (plus booking fee where applicable).

Buses depart Glasgow, George Square at 8pm, and leave The Barn Dance at 3am. Everyone should be back in Glasgow for 4am.

Padded Cell and Cut Copy details to follow




Cut Copy

Saturday June 28th 2008

cut copy

On Sunday June 29th we present Melbourne electropop heroes Cut Copy who are touring to celebrate the release of their excellent tim Goldsworthy (DFA) produced second album "In Ghost Colours". They are super lovely people and their live show rules.

We have had an unprecedented number of messages asking about this so have a feeling that it could be a busy one. Be early




Padded Cell

Sunday June 22nd 2008

padded cell

This Sunday (June 22nd), we are delighted to welcome Padded Cell featuring Dennis Young to Optimo. DC Recordings artistes, Padded Cell are long time Optimo favourites whose psychedelic space disco epics have long featured in our playlists. For this live performance they will be joined by our good friend, all the way from New York, Dennis Young from Liquid Liquid. Liquid Liquid's appearance at Optimo back in 2003 remains our all time favourite performance at the club and we can testify that Mr. Young's percussion playing is out of this world. He will be performing live percussion with Padded Cell at only two shows (the other in London) so we are very fortunate to have this dynamic package at Optimo.

As an aside, Twitch has just completed remixing Liquid Liquid's "Optimo" for future release on Domino. "It was an honour to be asked and one of the most daunting tasks I have ever undertaken".




BRW Supermayer

Friday May 23rd 2008


On Friday May 23rd we are delighted to present a one off Black Rabbit night at the Sub Club with Kompakt's demon duo, Michael Mayer and Superpitcher doing their Supermayer thang. This will be their only Scottish show this year and they will be playing for 3 hours.

Upcoming - The Optimo Barn Dance 2008 on July 4th.




No Age

Sunday May 18th 2008

No Age




2 x Demonic May News Update

Sunday May 11th 2008


May is DEMON DUO month at Optimo.

This Sunday, May 11th (at very short notice) we present Monotonix, a demon er, trio from Israel. All we have to say is that THEY ARE INSANE.

On Sunday May 18th we present an actual demon duo in the form of No Age. Signed to the legendary Sub Pop label their sonic ripples are spreading wider by the day and they WILL rip it up.




Alter Ego live

Sunday April 27th 2008

Following the cancellation of Chrome Hoof due to the drummer injuring himself we felt a little sad that we would not have a guest to play on what is the last ever Triptych weekend, especially as we have been involved in every year of its' existence. Luckily, at incredibly short notice we managed to get one of our favourite acts, the mighty Alter Ego from Germany to come and play instead. Alter Ego have been around longer than Optimo has been going and we have been playing their records since long before the club was even a twinkle in our eyes.

Since Optimo started, Alter Ego tracks such as "Slaughterhouse", "Betty Ford", "Why Not?!" and "Gary" have been huge hits at the club. Then there is that track called 'Rocker" that they released a few years back which you might be vaguely aware of.

As far as we are aware, this is their first ever live appearance in Scotland and we reckon the Teutonic duo are going to bring a full electronic assault of seismic proportions to the Sub Club this Sunday.

Alter Ego - Live @ Optimo, Sunday April 27th. Doors @ 11. 4am license.




Birthday Film

Friday April 25th 2008

Thanks to everyone who came to the Espacio Odyssey. What fun! There will be a news update shortly but in the meantime, we are delighted to present a short film put together by Rupert Burton filmed over the course of Optimo's 10th birthday weekend last November. Enjoy




Optimo : An Espacio Odyssey

Friday March 21st 2008

Optimo : An Espacio Odyssey

On Friday March 21st we are going to do a one off night at Stereo on Renfield Lane. We enjoyed the venue so much when we put Black Devil on there just before Christmas that we thought it would be perfect for our "An Espacio Odyssey" night. Last year we presented "Apocalypse Optimo" one Sunday night at the Sub Club where we transformed the club into the set of the film "Apocalypse Now" (Pictures here). It was possibly the most fun we had all year and we were eager to do it again, this time with a space theme. Stereo struck us as the perfect venue to transform into something space related so once again we have recruited the best production team in Glasgow to turn the club into our vision of outer space and the rough ideas for what they plan to do are already filling us with much excitement. They will amalgamate lots of different themes from various space related films and create a space extravaganza, although sadly they couldn't find a way to make it gravity free!

The soundtrack for the night will feature dialogue and sound effects from various space related films whilst the music will be SPACEY!!!! Expect space disco, space rock, spacey techno etc. etc. If anyone comes dressed in a vaguely outer space kind of way we will let them in at a reduced rate. Otherwise just come along and prepare to space out.





Sunday March 16th 2008


On Sunday March 16th we welcome Shackleton for his Scottish debut.

I guess you would have had to have been living under a rock for the last couple of years to have avoided hearing or hearing about dubstep. At Optimo towers we are quite partial to a bit of dubstep but as with a lot of types of music it is often the artists at the fringes of the genre who are doing something a bit different who attract our attention. Shackleton is exactly that kind of artist and really doesn't have very much in common with the dubstep sound as while he never eschews the bass his music is ALL about the percussion on top and is thus more about the trance induction rather than the d-step grind. We have been following him since his first release on his mighty Skull Disco label which reminded us of the fantabulous Muslimgauze and had us instantly hooked. This should be a great performance that will take full advantage of the bass capabilities of the Sub Club's soundsystem.




Dragons of Zynth

Sunday March 9th 2008


On Sunday March 9th we welcome New York's Dragons of Zynth for their Scottish debut. Once in a blue moon an album comes along that completely knocks our socks off and Dragons of Zynth's "Coronation Thieves", a feedback drenched psychedelic opus from outer space was a perfect example of a record that left us going "Wow!" Associates of TV On The Radio who have collaborated with Massive Attack and have David Bowie singing their praises, we are confident they will knock your socks off too.

As Twitch and Wilkes will be making a rare non appearance at Optimo due to being on tour in Australia there will be a very special mystery guest filling in on the night for them. There are only a handful of people in the world we would trust to take over Optimo for the night and our guest for the night is most certainly one of them.





Sunday January 27th 2008


Ending our "just because it's January, the world doesn't have to grind to a halt" live campaign, we present Nadsroic on the 27th January. The beauteous Nadsroic will be very familiar to anyone who has been a regular at the club as she used to man the bar and is now regularly seen propping it up from the other side. She has been working with the uber talented Hudson Mohawke, one of the very best of the new generation of Glasgow producers who has recently signed to Warp and is destined for much greatness. Together they make some of the best and most forward thinking pop / r&b music we have heard. This will be only their second ever live show but we felt we had to snap them up to play asap before Ms. Nadsroic's surely imminent diva status put them beyond the reach of us mere mortals. Remember where you saw them first, er, or rather second!

Stay tuned for more great stuff coming up in 2008. We love your ears





Sunday January 20th 2008


We try not to repeat guests at Optimo too often but when Blurt asked if we would like to have them back we didn't even have to think about it before saying "Yes please!" and thus we have the return of the mighty, mighty Blurt on January 20th.

Here's what we said last time they played - "Founded in 1980 in Stroud, Blurt are led by the extraordinary saxophonist, vocalist and ott personality that is Ted Milton alongside hypnotic drums and guitar. They are almost impossible to pigeonhole but are often lumped in with our beloved No Wave, but that perhaps limits how unique, hypnotic and groovetastic there music is. We love everything they have ever recorded but have never seen one of their famed live shows (it is 20+ years since they last played Glasgow) so this performance is going to be something very special. You'd be a fool to miss it"

We'd just like to add that they were even better than we could have hoped and had the whole club entranced for the duration of their set. Excited!




Tattie Toes

Sunday January 13th 2008

Tattie Toes

Happy New Year everybody. We wish you all an amazing 2008. Without further ado, we head straight back into bringing you top quality entertainment with the super Tattie Toes this Sunday (13/01/08). (Mini interview here). Tattie Toes are our current favourite new Glasgow band and we were so blown away when we saw them play late last year that we immediately asked them if they would come and play for us at the club. They are quite hard to describe (ehtno-psychedelic-folk-groove?) as they have such a unique sound so I suggest checking out their tracks on their Myspace page. Live, a hypnotic rhythm develops that one can get lost in while singer Nerea (who will be 8 and a half months pregnant when she performs!) has one of the most incredible voices we have ever heard.




we love your ears