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Monday December 31st 2007

Optimo Hogmanay Party 2007 / 2008

After the success of last years party at The Old Fruitmarket (despite the renovations to the venue only just having been completed which led to a slight problem with some wet paint and people's shoes!), we have decided to return to what we think is probably the most beautiful venue in the city for this years extravaganza.

After coming to the conclusion that having several guest acts performing can detract from the flow of the night, we sat down and thought "who would be the ONE most fantastic live act we could possibly put on at this?". The answer was obvious - Dan Deacon who has been hands down our favourite discovery of 2007. His live shows where he gets in amongst the crowd and has the crowd participating have become things of legend - check out Youtube!

In addition to this we are bringing over Tim Sweeney (DFA Records / Beats In Space) from New York to do a spot of dj'ing as he is 1) one of our very favourite djs and 2) knows how to entertain a Glasgow crowd.

In these times of big name acts overload and hype over substance, we 1000% guarantee that Dan Deacon is the real deal and will do what you want at a Hogmanay party - entertain you!

Alongside Dan Deacon, Tim Sweeney and Twitch and Wilkes we will once again have the best production that any event in this city provides and can assure you that The Fruitmarket bar will be far better stocked / staffed than last year.

Once again there will be a free Optimo cd to help soften the blow of the ticket price that the necessary high costs of putting this event together entails. We recorded the tenth birthday party at the Sub Club and will edit this down to fit on a cd that will be handed out on the night.


Tickets are available from tomorrow -

Venue info: www.glasgowconcerthalls.com/oldfruitmarket

Ticketing Info: City Halls Box Office Candleriggs, Glasgow, G1 1NQ T: 0141 353 8000 Online: www.glasgowconcerthalls.com

Doors: 10pm-5am Entry: 25 (plus all applicable booking & credit card fees)




Year end news round up

Thursday December 20th 2007

This Sunday is our Optimo Christmas party. Well, to be honest it's actually just the closest Sunday to Christmas but The Sub Club has some pretty Christmas lights and we may play a couple of festive records. But, but, but - as Christmas is a time of goodwill and generosity, we hope you will participate in our Fundimo fundraiser. Long, long time Optimo attendee Tim Mcgregor has been picked to join the British Olympic snowboarding team. This is a fantastic opportunity for Tim and we are all very proud of him. Unfortunately Tim has to raise all the funds to support his training himself so we are trying to raise some money to help him on his way. So for every (entirely optional) 1 that is donated, we will match that with another 1. We hope you think this is a good cause to donate to and remember, IT'S CHRISTMAS!!!!!

As the following Sunday is the night before Hogmanay, we will NOT be doing Optimo on Sunday 30th December. We will instead be doing a special Optimo recovery session for anyone still standing on January 2nd. If you bring your ticket stub from our Hogmanay party we will let you in cheap.

In additional Optimo related news, we have two new releases on our Oscarr label which are available from all good record shops now. There is a 12" EP / CD from Glasgow choir, The Parsonage and a 12" from red hot local popsters Findo Gask. We are super proud to be releasing both of these and there are more exciting releases coming up in 2008.

Have a very Merry Christmas and a spectacular 2008 xxx.




Zombie Zombie

Sunday December 16th 2007

Zombie zombie

This week we are delighted to present Zombie Zombie, a drums and synthesiser duo from Paris (see Youtube film here) who have been wowing crowds around Europe all year. Their Optimo Scottish debut promises to be riotous.




The Black Rabbit Whorehouse Returns

Saturday December 15th 2007

Sadly we only managed to fit in a couple of Black Rabbits in 2006 so we decided to squeeze in one last Christmas bash before the year ends. This will be in The Classic Grand on Jamaica Street and will run from 11pm until 4am. Special guests will be OSCARR recording artistes and Whorehouse experts Magic Daddy and The Truffle Club alongside JD Twitch and JG Wilkes. We are only using the upper space in The Classic Grand so capacity is limited. Discount for bunnies. Bring mistletoe!

The Black Rabbit will return sporadically through 2007 in various new guises, as well as the occasional old one.




Black Rabbit Devil Disco

Friday December 7th 2007

Next Friday we present The Black Rabbit Devil Disco at Stereo on Renfield Lane with French disco legends Black Devil playing live for the first time in Scotland and Twitch and Wilkes in disco mode. This is a completely free event and everyone will also get a free beer. All you need to do is present a ticket stub from either of the birthday parties (Art School or Sub Club) on the door. Stereo has a capacity of around 300 so it will be first come first served. Doors are at 11 and it is on until 3am. See you there.

Details for our Hogmanay party will be up very shortly.





Findo Gask

Sunday December 2nd 2007

A huge thank you to everyone who came to our tenth birthday parties at the weekend. We hope you had as good a time as we did. The atmosphere at the end of Sunday night was perhaps the most insane we have ever seen - wild!

This Sunday we have local lads Findo Gask playing. We are about to release their debut single on our label OSCARR and this is a launch party to celebrate that fact. They combine live instruments and electronics with vocal harmonies that could melt the hardest of hearts. Modern pop music at its very finest.




Sunday November 23rd and 25th - Optimo 10th Birthday Parties

Friday November 23rd 2007

As Optimo is going to celebrate ten years of mayhem at the end of November, we decided we would have two parties so that many of the people who can't make it out on a Sunday can have the chance to help us celebrate what we think is a pretty momentus occasion.

On the Friday (November 23rd) we will be taking over the Art School and have a host of guests playing.

Downstairs we have the return of the legendary Jimi Tenor, one of our favourite people on the whole planet playing his first solo Glasgow show in many, many years. Anyone who has had the good fortune to see Mr. Tenor in the past will know he is a showman par excellence and total entertainment is assured. We will also have Mr. William Bennet from Whitehouse playing some records. Please note that the music Mr. Bennet plays when djing is about as far removed from Whitehouse as it is possible to get.Expect Italo Disco. We will also have another couple of friends of ours djing too.

Upstairs we present the return of Mr. Chris Corsano, possibly our favourite Optimo live guest of 2007 who tore the roof off the Sub Club earlier in the year. We are also hoping to have a special guest performance by some very, very, very special mystery guests. Headlining will be Ebony Bones.

"Who?" I hear you ask. Well, Optimo has always been about bringing new, wonderful and as yet unknown acts to Glasgow, many of whom have gone on to become very well known. We like to look forward as well as back so wanted to continue this trend and we believe Ebony Bones is destined for greatness. She is one of the most exciting live performers we have come across in recent times and her tastes complement ours absolutely perfectly. We think she will rock the party.

Her Myspace is here.

There is some great (rough) Youtube footage of her here.

We were so keen to have our play our tenth birthday party that we literally begged her to come and play. Thankfully she said yes!

Tickets for the night will be 15 which we know is expensive but we assure you that we expect at best to break even, but we wanted to throw the best possible birthday party we could. Tickets are available from The Art School and Monorail from today and from the club every Sunday. They should also be available from Ticket Scotland from next week.

On the Sunday Twitch & Wilkes will be celebrating the actual birthday at the Sub Club playing ten years of the Greatest Hits of Optimo. There will also be free cakes and champagne. We expect this night might be quite popular (especially with the offer of free cakes) so there are a limited number of advance tickets available (200) from Monorail.

We will also be doing a FREE party in Glasgow with Black Devil live on Friday December 7th (details to follow). The only way to gain entry will be if you keep your ticket from The Art School.

Come join us!




Holy Fuck

Sunday November 11th 2007

Holy Fuck

First of all, thanks to everyone who came out to Espookio. It was fabulous and you can see photos of the night here. There are also photos of our Apocalypse Optimo night here.

So, this Sunday we present Holy Fuck From Toronto, Canada. These Holy Fuckers have been blowing our minds (and stereos) since the Summer. Now they can blow yours too.

"Get lost in Holy Fuck's otherworldly backdrop video and all of the previously unseen worlds of multi-layered psychedelic mayhem it was revealing. Combine that with the Holy Fuck foursome's pummeling funk bass, rollicking drum-kit and fire-hazard-like tables of wires and effects, and you were looking at two instantly catapulted heads full of rhythm and psych."

?You will have the contours of your brain worn down by shards of liquid magma noise and you will embrace every second with the grin of a baby that has just discovered its feet at the end of its legs."

"Electo-pop perverts Holy Fuck make a noise as abrasive as it is awesome ... these dark disco droogs thread every sound under the sun through their electric playground of wires. They come on like the nastiest electronic band since Suicide, or like the The Fall reworking their brains with screwdrivers, or Add N to (X) playing speed metal. They're the kind of band that could hoof a hangover to kingdome come, or wring the neck of a banal main stage performance."

This should be mental!




Espookio 2007!

Sunday October 28th 2007

espookio 2007

Yes, this Sunday is the return of (possibly) thee greatest Halloween party in Glasgow. I'm sure you all know the drill - big prizes, scary pumpkins, crazy decor, spooky music, the mc'ing skills of the Irrev. Randy B Cockburn and most importantly, the chance for YOU be anything you want to be. Dressing up is not compulsory but is highly recommended and will ensure priority entrance.


Doors will be opening at 10 and we have a 4am license (if people hang about that long, that is).




The Royal We

Sunday September 23rd 2007

This Sunday we are delighted to present Glasgow's own The Royal We who are celebrating the release of their first single on Geographic Records. We were lucky to be given a sneak preview of the record and were smitten straight away so are looking forward to this. As it is a Bank holiday we will have the doors ready to open at 10.30. If there's nobody waiting we'll open at our usual 11pm.

Next up on October 7th is Apocalypse Optimo. What's that all about you ask? Just come down and see. If it all pans out as planned it should provide a slight chuckle and a tad of confusion.




Black Lips

Friday September 7th 2007

Black Lips

After a few weeks without any bands we are delighted to welcome the wonderful Black Lips to Optimo. Hailing from Atlanta Georgia, these self proclaimed Flower Punks are a psychedelic, garage rock tour de force famed for their wild live shows - "The Black Lips have a reputation for crazy live shows that have included vomiting, urinating, nudity, band members kissing, fireworks, and chickens. They have slowly built a fanbase that appreciates their energy and style that is a rough mishmash of blues, rock, doo-wop, country, and punk." We are excited!




Full details of the Barn Dance

Thursday August 2nd 2007

Optimo Barn Dance 2

Friday, 3rd August 2007 - Optimo presents The Summer Barn Dance 2007 Hosted by JD Twitch & JG Wilkes. Optimo Bar, dancing, Bucking bronco, BBQ and more...

Tickets: 23+Booking fee(where applicable) - Tickets include: Return coach travel from Glasgow to The Barn Dance. BBQ on arrival. (Vegetarians catered for.) (Please note, 18s and over only!)

Tickets available from: - Monorail Music 12 Kings Court, King Street, Glasgow G1 5RB T:0141 552 9458

-Optimo on Sunday nights Ask at the cash desk for tickets. No booking fee on tickets purchased form the club.

For further information, questions and enquiries relating to coming from Edinburgh, Dundee, or other locations, please contact: Rachel Graham - passepromo@gmail.com

Finally, we don't normally promote non Optimo events on here but some of you might be interested to see the legendary Brazilian band Os Mutantes who have collaborated with Twitch and will be performing that collaboration live along with a full live set of their own music at The Fruitmarket next Sunday (29th July).




August News Update - Barn Dance

Wednesday August 1st 2007

barn dance optimo

Firstly, we would like to thank everybody who donated towards the Nil By Mouth Fundimo night we did on Sunday (15th). You donated 430 which means we raised 860 in total. Well done!

On Friday August 3rd we will be hosting an Optimo Barn Dance.

Here's some photos of the barn / cowshed - (Please note, the cows won't be present on the night as they will be sent off to the slaughterhouse on their summer holidays.)




Indian Summer Weekend

Saturday July 14th 2007

indian summer glasgow

On the weekend of the 14th and 15th of July we will be hosting a tent at Indian Summer for which we have curated the line up as seen above.

On that Sunday (July 15th), we will also be presenting the return of our Fundimo night where we raise money for a local charity. This time we are helping raise funds and awareness for Nil By Mouth, "an independent campaign leading the challenge to rid Scotland of sectarianism", something I think we can all relate to and something I'm sure everyone who comes to Optimo would be happy to support. The way the night will work is that there will be an optional 1 donation (or more if you would like to donate more). Whatever the total raised by your donations is will be doubled by us and given to Nil By Mouth.

Full details of the Optimo Barn Dance will be made available soon but just to let you know that it is going to be on Friday August 3rd. More to follow......plus - Apocalypse Optimo is coming soon!




Michael Dracula

Sunday July 1st 2007

We present the return of Glasgow's Michael Dracula (My Space here), almost exactly three years to the day since they last played the club, but now with a brand new line up and their long, long, long, long awaited debut album (hopefully) almost ready for release on Ze Records.




Chris Corsano

Sunday June 3rd 2007

The Optimo News Dept. had a bit of an inept week last week and forgot to update the news page to say that Safety Scissors was playing last Sunday. Oops! Anyway, he was fab. Thanks Matthew!

This Sunday we are delighted to present the wonderful Chris Corsano. Based in Edinburgh but originally from New England, Mr. Corsano is an improvisational drummer par excellence. He has worked with Sonic Youth and is all over the new Bjork album as well as being in her current touring band. So, half an hour of drums. What's that going to be like? Well, Mr. Corsano explores sounds with assorted junk percussion, electronic gizmos, keyboards, woodwinds, bass guitar, and more. The man is quite simply a force of nature and will leave those with an open mind speechless.





Sunday May 20th 2007

HTRK optimo

HTRK, (pronounced Hate Rock) are a trio from Melbourne, Australia, now based in Berlin. We were introduced to them by our good friend Midnight Mike who thought they would fit in with our love for a genre we have dubbed Swamp music. Swamp music is dirty, sleazy, hedonistic music as played by acts such as The Birthday Party, The Bad Seeds, Lydia Lunch, Gallon Drunk etc. etc. It's a genre that probably only exists as a genre in our heads but it is the kind of soundtrack that should probably be played at all these burlesque nights that are currently all the rage. Sadly it's not. Melbourne was the home town of The Birthday Party, and former Birthday Party guitarist and legendary Swampmaster Rowland S Howard has played guitar with and produced HTRK, so their credentials are impeccable. They are also a breath of fresh air in these retro-rock overload times and exactly the kind of band we seek out to play at Optimo. Just check their influences - Krautrock, David Lynch, Suicide, The Birthday Party and Mego - perfect! There's some YouTube footage here.





Sunday May 13th 2007


Sixteens are an electronic duo from San Francisco sometimes with the addition of guest musicians, projectionists and performance artists. Inspired by the early 80s synth punk / minimal synth scene (to get a rough idea of this kind of sound, you might like to check out the Optimo Electrobeat mix here) they will bring a bit of atmospheric darkness to the club for the night. A must for creatures of the night.




James Chance and Les Contortions

Sunday April 29th 2007

James Chance and Les Contortions

We're always excited about the live acts we put on but this particular one is something we have dreamt about happening at Optimo since the night the club started. It almost happened once before but alas, it wasn't to be. So, at long, long last we welcome the legendary James Chance to Optimo. On our very first poster way back in November 1997 we used the slogan 'Contort Yourself' after one of his songs and his music was one of thee inspirations behind the birth of the club. So influential is his music that Twitch's only ever solo record is a cover version of 'Contort Yourself'.

Signed to the wonderful Ze record label the Contortions released just one album, the seminal 'Buy' and contributed four tracks to the legendary No Wave compilation, 'No New York'. They then morphed into James White and The Blacks and released the super groovy 'Off White' album.

Since 1979, James Chance has recorded and toured sporadically but has never made it to Scotland, until now. Famed for his live performances, Mr. Chance is a total showman and with a new backing band Les Contortions presents a wild brew of Jazz, Funk and Punk - there is some YouTube footage - here . A very special night and glorious end to the Triptych festival is assured.





Sunday April 1st 2007


This Sunday will kick off a week of celebrations at the Sub Club to celebrate their 20th birthday. We are ecstatic to have managed to secure one of our favourite bands in the world - Blurt to play.

Founded in 1980 in Stroud, Blurt are led by the extraordinary saxophonist, vocalist and ott personality that is Ted Milton alongside hypnotic drums and guitar. They are almost impossible to pigeonhole but are often lumped in with our beloved No Wave, but that perhaps limits how unique, hypnotic and groovetastic there music is. We love everything they have ever recorded but have never seen one of their famed live shows (it is 20+ years since they last played Glasgow) so this performance is going to be something very special. You'd be a fool to miss it.




Adam X

Sunday March 18th 2007

Adam X

This Sunday sees the return of our good friend Adam X. Anyone who saw his previous Optimo appearance will know what to expect - an intense, full on half hour of sonic abrasion and distorted vocals. He took the roof off last time (almost literally) so we're looking forward to a repeat performance.





Sunday February 4th 2007


Clinic were meant to play at Optimo a couple of years ago but sadly that show had to be cancelled due to illness so we are delighted to be able to finally reschedule a visit from them. From Liverpool and also celebrating 10 years of existence this year, Clinic maintain that they sound 'like no other band' and that is a pretty accurate description. If you haven't heard them, I'm not going to try and describe them for you - go and listen to some of their music. I will say that their songs can get stuck in your head for years and that they are a phenomenal live force. There has been an incredible amount of interest in them playing Optimo so we will be opening the doors for 10.30 this Sunday.

More to follow.......




Max Mohr

Sunday January 21st 2007

Max Mohr

Mr. Mohr is from Germany. He records for one of our favourite labels - Playhouse from Frankfurt. Max started off playing in punk bands and began releasing electronic records around 2000. He has released a clutch of 12" singles that have been played at almost every one of our Black Rabbit Whorehouse nights. He is about to release his debut album - "Trickmixer's Revenge" - which takes his music to new depths and is one of our most loved electronic records of recent times. Inspired by Germany's rich Kraut Rock and Kosmische heritage, which is another area of music we love at Optimo, he has managed to create his own unique take on this sound for the 21st century while still being able to keep a dancefloor grooving. We rarely put on laptop warriors but this record is so special that we had no choice.




Kicking off 2007

Friday January 5th 2007

First of all we'd like to thank everyone who came to our Hogmanay party at The Fruitmarket and helped make it without a doubt the best one we have ever done. Someone has put a (slightly rough) bit of footage of the bells on youtube which you can see here. The atmosphere at midnight had the hairs on the back of our necks standing up!

So, onto 2007 and the tenth year of Optimo. We will continue to bring some of our favourite and some of the best live acts out there to the club this year and we have some very special guests lined up.




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