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Optimo Espacio presents Hogmanay 2006

Sunday December 31st 2006


Optimo (Espacio), is holding it's annual Hogmanay party at the Old Fruitmarket, Glasgow City Halls, Candleriggs, Merchant City, Glasgow, this year. We decided it might be nice to have a change of scene after all those years up at the Art School. Optimo's hosts JD Twitch and JG Wilkes provide the soundtrack for the bells with a special live performance from Hot Chip (DFA). In the upstairs bar DJ Mingo-Go (Death Disco) will intoxicate you with her exotic whirl of sounds, with spoken interjections by Glasgow's Aidan Moffat (formerly of Arab Strap). There will be a free CD given away on the night, a CD compilation of remixes that JD Twitch and JG Wilkes have done this year. This CD is only available for this special event. We love your ears. Tickets ON SALE NOW for 25.00 each (inclusive of booking fee and CD) from: Old Fruitmarket City Halls Candleriggs Glasgow G1 1NQ Tel 0141 353 8000 Tickets: www.glasgowcityhalls.com

A Happy New Year to each and every one of you and all the best for 2007!




Alloy Mental

Sunday December 10th 2006

alloy mental

We are delighted to welcome Belfast's Alloy Mental to Optimo.

Described as 'sounding like Nitzer Ebb on a collision course with Iggy & The Stooges as tough techno bangs and rolls along in the background', Alloy Mental are without a doubt the most full on electronic band to have graced the Optimo stage this year. Expect carnage!




Optimo Walkabout Mix

Saturday December 2nd 2006

Optimo Walkabout Mix

We have a new mix cd out called 'Walkabout' which is a Japanese only release.

We have imported a very limited number of copies which are only available from Monorail in Kings Court and also via Shoptimo.




Optimo Festive dates

Friday December 1st 2006

Over the festive season Optimo will be moving from it's usual Sunday for two weeks only. It will be on Boxing Day Tuesday and Tuesday January 2nd. Then normal Sunday Service will resume.




Optimo's 9th Birthday

Sunday November 26th 2006

This Sunday, Optimo celebrates 9 years of missed Mondays. That's 468 Optimos over the course of which over 120 bands have performed. Over the years we have found ourselves (to our endless amusement) lumped in with numerous musical movements but continue to just do our own thing. We find it incredible that what started as a bit of Sunday night fun for us and a few friends has gone on for so long and turned out to be so popular. A big thank you to all of you who have continued to support us. So, this Sunday we will be celebrating by playing lots of music that has defined the club over the years no doubt causing a few raised eyebrows and thoughts along the lines of 'Was this really an Optimo anthem back in the day?!' along the way. To fit all these records in we will be on until 4am, everyone will get a free badge and if you arrive early there will be a free glass of champagne. (woo! don't say we're not good to you!).




Prinzhorn Dance School

Sunday November 19th 2006

Prinzhorn Dance School

From Brighton we present latest DFA signings, Prinzhorn Dance School. Their name comes from Dr Hans Prinzhorn, an early twentieth century psychiatrist who assembled the largest collection of art by psychotic patients in Europe. Taking a distinctly lo-fi, diy approach to music making, their sound is reminiscent of a lot of great early 80's post punk but is also distinctly very 'now'. Based around super minimal drums and bass, we have fallen for the charms of this three piece in a big way and are really looking forward to this one. On stage at midnight.




Psychic Ills

Sunday November 5th 2006

Psychic Ills

For Bonfire Night, we welcome Psychic Ills from New York City. Psychic Ills spin future primitive pop compositions out of improvised psychedelic noise that never avoids of a hook but never plays it the same way twice either. Their debut album released at the start of 2006 is one of the best of this year so we are delighted to give them the Optimo stage to tweak our heads from. They will be on around midnight.






Sunday October 29th 2006

espookio 2006

It's Halloween! Yes, it's the return of our legendary annual Halloween Ball. This is the only night of the year when we insist everyone makes an effort and dresses up. As the night is always crazily busy priority will go to those who have made an effort. If you can't be bothered, we suggest you stay at home. If you do decide to come in your normal attire, you will be charged extra to get in so it is definitely worth making the effort. Anyway, on to the fun stuff. This year we have put even more effort in than normal and there will be films, a special horror installation, the usual spooky decor and lights, scary music, special mystery live guests, big prizes and much much hilarity. We have a 4am license and suggest getting there promptly to ensure entry - doors are at 10.30.

If you are an Espookio virgin, you can get an idea of the madness here.




X Vectors

Sunday October 8th 2006

We are delighted to present a return appearance at the club from Edinburgh's X Vectors to celebrate the imminent release of their 'Now Is The Winter of Our Discotheque" 12" EP on our own O.S.C.A.R.R. label. The boys have honed their live set to perfection and we are looking forward to them ripping it up this Sunday. Information about availability of the record will be up here soon.





Sunday October 1st 2006

Apologies to users of our bulletin board - Echatio. As you may have noticed it is very temperamental and when it is working is being inundated with spam. This has become a more and more frequent occurrence so very shortly we will be replacing it with a more efficient, up to date version. Please bear with us.




Shit Disco

Sunday September 24th 2006

At long last we present a long overdue appearance at Optimo from Glasgow's Shit Disco. In their own words - "SHITDISCO are a band from Glasgow. They like the fun. They are a band of circumstance rather than style. To a man they prefer dancing to mincing. You can dance to them too if you like. Otherwise you can watch them dance while they play their music. They have previously played in abandoned railway tunnels, portacabins, boys' toilets and the odd club now and then. The band consists of two basses, one guitar, a keyboard and drums. Lyrical themes veer from intellectual violence and lateness to being too hot and Soviet gabba parties. Their music is informed by Dick Dale and Bobby Orlando and everyone in between. As long as you can dance to it.".

The NME has lumped them in with the ridiculously, cynically named Nu Rave scene but as anyone with half a brain knows, the NME is only fit for being used to wipe yr arse with, and being lumped in with a 'scene' is a one way road to oblivion. Thankfully Shit Disco transcend attempts to pigeonhole them and are simply a great live band with the power to make people move.





Sunday August 27th 2006


They said it was impossible, but somehow Voxtrot have managed to breach Optimo's anti-indie defences and will be taking to the Sub Club stage.

Voxtrot mainman Ramesh spent many of his formative years as a dribbling wreck grooving on the Optimo dancefloor before moving back to Austin, Texas to devote his energies to his band. While perhaps not our usual type of thing, we have fallen for Voxtrot's twee charms and in the spirit of putting on whatever we like we are honoured and delighted to present them at Optimo. Surely destined for stardom, this is a great opportunity to catch them in an intimate venue before they explode.




The Presets

Sunday August 13th 2006

Ending this Optimo weekend extravaganza, we present The Presets from Australia.

They say - "If you've ever wondered what they might play when youre standing there staring at the fork in the road between heaven and hell, this could be it."

We say - Expect this sweat drenched duo to give you their all.




Optimo says "Dance to the beat of NYC" with ESG and Tim Sweeney @ The Art School

Saturday August 12th 2006


We are very excited about this one. ESG are one of our all time favourite bands and this is the third time we have brought them to Glasgow as we just can't get enough. Their previous two performances have been unforgettable and we expect this to be the same.

Playing alongside ourselves and ESG, we present the return of our good friend, the wonderful dj that is Tim Sweeney of DFA / Beats In Space fame who rocked The Art School at our DFA party last year. This should be a groovetastic night and we have a 4am license for it. It is 13 pounds (12 for students) and is a pay on the door affair.




This weekend - Saturday 24th / Sunday 25th June

Saturday June 24th 2006

mark hex

This Saturday, The Black Rabbit Whorehouse returns with bastardizing bards JD Twitch & JG Wilkes. Come and hear the proclamation. Doors:11pm-3am Bluu (Basement) 60, Trongate - Albion St, Glasgow, G1 5EP (Use Albion Street entrance.) If you want to be updated on TBRW events, email 'subscribe' to optimoespacio@gmail.com

This Sunday we present local lad Mark Hex.

Mark Hex is a one man music machine who has been going for around 18 months. Now aged 22, he is a veteran on the Glasgow music circuit having played in noisemongers Hex when he was 17. He is joined on his live adventures by his tight backing band: I-POD.





Sunday June 11th 2006

This Sunday we are delighted to welcome our friend and ally Joakim from Paris who will be bringing his live band over for their Scottish debut. Joakim runs Tigersushi Records who released our 'Kill The Dj' cd and also briefly ran our OSCARR label for us. He has exquisite taste in music and is one of Europe's finest and most original producers who refuses to be pigeonholed (just the way we like it!). This should be great.

In other news, if you are looking for somewhere to go for a drink before Optimo we wholeheartedly recommend the 100% authorised Pre-op at (the Sub Club owned) Macsorley's Music Bar on Jamaica Street. Our very good friend Hex is allowed out of the Sanitorium for a few hours every week to spin his selection of musical madness and frequently has all sorts of strange guests performing. Pre-op starts at 8.

For those of a Myspace persuasion, we now have an Optimo page here. See you at the club.




Bush Tetras

Sunday May 28th 2006

bush tetras

The Bush Tetras were formed in New York City in 1980 and featured the (almost) all female line up of Pat Place (underground guitar hero and former Contortion), Cynthia Sley (vocals), Dee Pop (drums) and Laura Kennedy (bass). Their first release - the 'Too Many Creeps' / 'Snakes Crawl' single - was the first release on the legendary 99 Records and became a huge club hit selling in excess of 30 00 copies. Their next single 'Things That Go Boom In The Night / 'Das Ah Riot' came out on the fantastic and wildly uncompromising 80's London label, Fetish Records while their last ep, 'Rituals' which features the Optimo hit 'Can't Be Funky' was released on Stiff Records. 3 singles on 3 legendary labels and all of which were played countless times many years later at Optimo!

They then pretty much disappeared until the early 90's when they recorded some new songs and have made sporadic live appearances ever since. However, they haven't played in the UK since the early 1980's and we have spent the last few years trying to get them to come to Glasgow. After much perseverance, we have finally succeeded and are beyond delighted. This will be their only UK appearance.

If you have never heard them, their sound is more or less a blueprint for what has become known by some as 'punk funk'. It features jagged rhythms, slicing guitars, and sniping vocals and echoes of their sound can be heard in the music of many new bands such as Erase Errata and The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, although I'd say that the Bush Tetras sound is more rooted in making you groove. For this night, we will be opening the doors at 10.30 and suggest getting down in good time for what could be their first and only Glasgow appearance. Entry will be 11 / 10 pounds.

(here are some audio clips of can't be funky / too many creeps / things that go boom in the night / snakes crawl).





Sunday May 7th 2006

Datarock are a duo from Bergen, Norway. For this debut Scottish show they are bringing their men's choir, Ungdomskulen, for a special integrated set. Disco drumming, clean guitar strumming, programmed noises, and vocal harmonies. A great, fun performance assured.





Friday May 5th 2006


The Black Rabbit Whorehouse returns to the Sub Club for a one off event with ADA from Areal Records. This graceful German singer-producer overlaps all kinds of styles and entertains with heart and mind. Ada loves to push her house- inspired music in two directions at once, and the resulting tracks sound both ultra-diluted (lots of blurred, misty computer sounds drifting in and out of the mix) and ultra-concentrated (with beats and bass lines so precise that they're almost violent). The reason why Ada's analog set-up is almost the smallest in all of Cologne: She doesn't like software synthesizers, because they don't have real buttons. Her music crosses oceans with loud volumes from New York to Toronto, Lisbon to Paris; all been enraptured by her live-performance. Doors at 11. 10 pounds / 9 pounds.




A Certain Ratio

Sunday April 30th 2006

A Certain Ratio

Optimo delights in celebrating the past, the present and the future of music. From time to time we are privileged to be able to present great artists from music's past who are still as relevant to today as they were back in the day. Previous legends that have performed at (and rocked) Optimo include Liquid Liquid, ESG and The Fire Engines and upcoming we have The Bush Tetras. But this Sunday (30/04/06), we are delighted to present A Certain Ratio.

One of Manchester's finest exports (biography here) and one of the first signings to the legendary Factory Records, ACR never split up but their live shows are very infrequent events. This will be their first Glasgow appearance since they played Strathclyde University in 1989 (a show that Twitch was fortunate enough to attend and that he still raves about). Perhaps best known at Optimo for their cover of 'Shack Up' and 'Do The Du', live ACR are a funk tour de force and legendary for their percussion freak outs (as well as their khaki shorts!). This will be a very special (and sweaty!) night and will be on until 4am. ACR will play around 12.30 and we will aim to have the doors open at 10.30. See you down the front!





Sunday April 16th 2006


For your Easter Bank Holiday delight, we are delighted to present the return of Whitehouse. Almost exactly three years on from their first notorious performance at Optimo, we felt is was time to introduce them again to all the people who missed them that time. Be prepared for extreme noise and extreme performance with extreme volume too. You have been warned! This performance won't be for everyone but open your ears and your mind and let the noise flood in. We have a 4am license too.




Mark Boombastik

Sunday March 26th 2006

From Hamburg but based in Berlin, Mark Boombastik is the most experimental human beatbox worldwide. He uses analog effects on his voice -like Jimi Hendrix uses his guitar or Mozart used the piano- and loops himself. Everything on stage is live. It is mental!





Sunday March 5th 2006

This Sunday we welcome hot Glasgow band, Bricolage. Taking 'The sound of young Scotland' (ie Orange Juice) and reworking it for a new generation, we are delighted to welcome them for their Optimo debut. See you down the front.




Lafaro plus mystery guests

Sunday February 19th 2006

This Sunday (19/02/06), We are in New York. We hardly ever miss Optimo but everyone needs a holiday and we felt like some time off in our second favourite city. We will get to entertain some New Yorkers while we're there too. Bonus! Optimo will be left in the more than capable hands of some mystery guests. We promise you that they will rock the club. In addition we are delighted to bring over some friends of ours from Belfast - Lafaro who describe themselves as sounding like darth vader's cum face. Make of that what you will! Have fun, we'll miss you. Oh, and be nice to the guests and don't feed the Lighting Monkey.





Sunday February 12th 2006

We are delighted to present the Optimo debut of Glasgow's Foxface. Foxface has grown into a three piece, spurned from Michael Angus's previous solo project by the same name. Added to Angus's skillful acoustic guitar playing and deep vocals, are the elements of live drums, bass, and dulcet tones of Jenny Bell's vocals. This is the newest and most solid guise of this harmony riddled alt-alt country/folk band from Glasgow.




Mother and The Addicts

Sunday January 22nd 2006

We're easing into 2006 nice and slowly and will start off our live events with a couple of our favourite Glasgow bands. Join us this Sunday with Mother and The Addicts, recotding artists for Glasgow's Chemikal Underground label, live at midnight returning for their second visit to the club. Watch out for a JD Twitch remix for Mother and The Addicts later in 2006.We have a host of treats planned for 2006. Watch this space....




Optimo 'Where's my head at? Party

Monday January 2nd 2006

We couldn't even contemplate doing Optimo on New Year's day. There was a high probability that we would have slept in for it. So, we will be there on the 2nd to entertain anyone who still has a bit of holiday energy left in them. Have a wonderful festive season y'all.




we love your ears