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Optimo Hogmanay Party at The Art School

Saturday December 31st 2005

Yes, we're back at The Art School for Glasgow's most notorious New Year's party. We thought long and hard about doing it somewhere new but we really couldn't find anywhere else suitable. For this night we wanted to bring back two of our favourite guests from 2005. As it is a party, we thought it best to do something tried and tested so we have the return of the mighty Zongamin who tore the roof off at the Sub Club a few months ago and the wonderful Justus Kohncke whose live set at The Black Rabbit Whorehouse earlier in the year was pure entertainment.

Downstairs will as ever be hosted by DJ Mingo Go with guest appearances from Rory Philips from Trash and Our Disco in London and the mysterious Ronnie Danzig.

In typically slack Optimo style we have left this quite late but tickets will be available from December 3rd - full details HERE. Once again there will be a free cd which will be given away to ticket holders after the party.




Optimo 'It's Christmas!' party.

Monday December 26th 2005

Yes, we are moving Optimo to a Monday for this and the first week in January. Our families weren't going to be too happy if we missed Christmas day and yours might not have been too happy if you went out either. So, you can enjoy a nice relaxed Boxing day, have a few turkey sandwiches and come out and dance some of that gluttony off on the Monday.




Pro Forma

Sunday December 18th 2005

Pro Forma return to Optimo after a long absence with their new line up. Former OSCARR recording stars, this Glasgow / New York band are now signed to ex Pro Former and current Franz Ferdinander Paul Thompson's label and have just released a 7". We are delighted to welcome them back.




Quintron & Miss Pussycat

Sunday December 11th 2005

The story goes as such: A club owner-turned outlaw flees Chicago and meets an oil painting puppet theatre founder in New Orleans. There, Quintron's Swamp-tech / Noise / Mood meets Miss Pussycat's Puppetry / Minimal Electronic Soundtracks. This one will be mental. You will also be helping the band out if you attend as they sadly lost pretty much their entire studio when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans.




Kid Congo and The Pink Monkey Birds

Sunday December 4th 2005

Kid Congo (former member of underground 80's band The Cramps, founder of The Gun Club, former Bad Seed, and more recently played Optimo as half of Kid and Khan) returns to Optimo with his band, The Pink Monkey Birds. Kid is thee man and with this being his fourth visit to the club, he now holds the record for most guest appearances at Optimo. Go Kid! With their debut release at the start of October in America, he brings the songs of 'Philosophy and Underwear' to the awaiting ears of Europe. Come see the frighteningly energetic live show by 'the freshest white take on blues of it's time' (Jack White, The White Stripes).




Optimo 8th birthday party

Sunday November 27th 2005

Optimo 8th birthday party

We thought we had miscounted but no, it's true, Optimo is 8 years old. Wow! To celebrate we will be giving away champagne to those who get there early. There will be cakes, there will be a 4am license (although if we keel over before that from too much champagne, we reserve the right to finish before that). We will also be trawling through our records for songs that have helped make Optimo what it is over the years. It will be interesting to see if a few of the vintage tunes meet with an 'I can't believe they used to play such rubbish' type reaction. Come celebrate!




Hot Chip

Sunday November 20th 2005

We fell in love with Hot Chip after seeing them support LCD Soundsystem on a few dates earlier this year. Despite being synth based, the four piece are very much a band and give of a fantastic energy when performing. Their music necessitates moving your body.




DFA Party @ The Art School

Saturday November 19th 2005

It's very rare that we do any events in Glasgow outside of Sunday nights but we really, really wanted to bring our friends from DFA over to show some more of what this wonderful label has to offer. Full details and line up here.




Long Blondes

Sunday November 6th 2005

We are delighted to present Sheffield beat combo Long Blondes, one of the few of the current crop of new bands who are coming from an original and exciting place musically. Their live performance is meant to be something very special and we look forward to their pure pop presence.





Sunday October 30th 2005

Yes, it's that time of year again where we host the legendary Optimo Halloween party. If you have been before you will know this is possibly the craziest night of the year with the most imaginative costumes you will ever see. If you haven't been before, we seriously advise making an effort as 1) everyone else does and 2) priority entry will be given to those who have made an effort. It is also cheaper to get in if you have dressed up. Expect big prizes, scary records, total hilarity and a late license (tbc).

Espookio virgins can check out last year's madness here.




Adam X

Sunday October 16th 2005

Hailing from Brooklyn, Adam X has been involved with electronic music since the birth of the rave era. For many years he helped run the legendary New York record shop 'Sonic Groove' and has dj'ed around the planet. In recent years he has returned to his first love which is industrial / electronic body music. He describes his current sound as a unique brand of post-techno, post-industrial electronics. This obscure fuel for the dance floor has transformed into a diabolical mixture of sonic abrasion and industrial techno assault.

We felt Optimo was long overdue some sonic assault and Adam X is the perfect man for the job. If your ears are sensitive, we suggest either staying at home or bringing some earplugs. This will be a relentless live half hour. We will also be presenting this performance in a unique new way for the club which if it works will be how we present solo performers in the future. Let's just say that Mr. X will be at the very heart of the club





Sunday September 18th 2005

Finally for our September run of live guests, we present LOTTERBOYS on 18/09/05. This Berlin based band fronted by Paris from The Detroit Grand Pubas have produced one of the most original and popular Optimo hits of the year with their 'Heroine' single. Their live show fuses classic sleazy funk with modern electronics and should prove riotous.





Sunday September 11th 2005


In our opinion, one of, if not thee the best bands ever to come out of Edinburgh, they were a very short lived burst of greatness. Formed in 1979, they released three incredible singles and one album before disbanding in 1981. Unlike their (indie pop inspiring) contemporaries such as Orange Juice and Josef K, The Fire Engines took their cue from Captain Beefheart, New York No Wave and free jazz. Their influence was just as far reaching down the years with bands such as Franz Ferdinand obviously owing a big debt to The Fire Engines' sound. After not having played together for 20 years, The Fire Engines briefly reformed to support Captain Beefheart's backing band, The Magic Band in Edinburgh a few years ago and were then persuaded by Franz Ferdinand to reform and support them at their Glasgow SECC show last year (which was awesome!). Now they are going to play two final shows, one in London and one at Optimo. This is a great honour for us to present and already we have received emails from as far afield as Germany and Sweden from people wanting to attend. This is not about nostalgia, but rather a last chance to see one of the most amazing bands Scotland has ever produced whose performance will put to shame most bands half their age.





Sunday September 4th 2005

This Sunday (04/09/05) we present local freaks VANCOUVER DELUXE. Here is how they describe themselves -

"Vancouver Deluxe say why 'go' when you can come fuck yourself, in our all-inclusive nuclear melty-facey embrace. Nobody as yet is not unwelcome to bask in the chemical fury as the VDX make a noisy, sexy mess of themselves and their instruments. There will be remedial electronics and techno for children, countered with crunk guitar and all compered by a goth Marvin Gaye (whiter than a Mississippi Jesus)..

All adulation / hate should be directed at Ryan c/o Domino's Pizza on Great Western Road. Tell him you love him and he'll maybe give you 10% off the chicken dippers.





Sunday August 28th 2005

Bringing August to a close on 28/08/05, we finally bring ZONGAMIN to Optimo. We have been trying to do this show for several years but for one reason or another it has always fallen through. Zongamin is based around Susuma Mukei from Japan who has been resident in London for several years. He has built a band around him who are renowned for their epic performances. Signed to XL, they are probably the best band around who fit the vague description punk funk. We have had the privilege of seeing them before and you have our 100% Optimo guarantee that they will make you groove.




Sir Richard Bishop

Sunday July 31st 2005

Sir Richard Bishop

Sir Richard Bishop is a mysterious figure currently resident in Seattle and best known as one third of the legendary Sun City Girls. He will be performing pieces for solo improvised acoustic guitar and we ask that you try to maintain a respectful silence while he is on, as his transcendent performance deserves such respect. He recently performed on the wonderful WFMU radio station in New York and you can hear his performance 90 minutes into this show. We are really honoured to have him play at Optimo and we hope you will open your ears to this.





Sunday July 24th 2005


Then on 24/07/05 we are delighted to finally welcome the Scottish debut of the wonderful ISOLEE.

We have been in love with his music since his first release in 1998 on one of our favourite labels - Playhouse Records. He is someone who has been on our wish list to play at Optimo for so long and now with the release of his 'Wearemonster' album (probably the best electronic album of 2005) we finally present him live at Optimo. This one will be very special.




Mystery Guests

Sunday July 17th 2005

This Sunday (17/07/05) we will be opening at 10.30 and have some very special mystery guests appearing for your delight and delectation.




The Black Rabbit Whorehouse @ ABC with Basteroid

Saturday July 2nd 2005

As we are always looking for different places to do the BRW, we felt the new ABC on Sauchiehall Street would be perfect for our night of electronic mischief. We will be using the compact and bijou downstairs room and are delighted to welcome Basteroid from Germany. Basteroid runs the seminal AREAL label that has released some of our favourite technoid records of recent times. His live set should fit the dictionary definition of the word 'nutsoid'. Doors are at 11 and it's on until 3.

We were meant to have DFA's The Juan Maclean the following night but it has been postponed until later in the year. Apologies.

We have Isolee live on July 24th and Sir Richard Bishop on the 31st. More info on those soon.





Sunday June 26th 2005

First up, thanks to everyone who donated at the G8 Alternatives Fundimo and helped to raise 630 pounds. Now for what's coming up at the club -


These local heroes (now partly relocated to London) played several times in the early days of Optimo but it has been several years since they played and we felt they were long overdue a return visit. They call themselves prog-pop. We call them total entertainment. Frontman Innes is one of the greatest entertainers on the planet. Onstage at midnight.




Les Georges Leningrad

Sunday June 12th 2005

From Montreal, this lot have become notorious for their over the top stage shows and unique take on various genres including no wave, punk and electro. This one should be mental!

Coming up in July we have a Black Rabbit Whorehouse with German techno mentalist Basteroid and then throughout July at Optimo we have The Juan Maclean, Isolee and Sir Richard Bishop playing. There will be more details on that as well as a forthcoming Optimo summer boat party soon.




G8 alternatives Fundimo

Sunday June 5th 2005

G8 alternatives Fundimo

"As I'm sure you're aware the leaders of the G8 rich nations are meeting in Gleneagles this summer and in response there are massive non-violent protests planned across Scotland at the same time. It starts with the make poverty history demo in Edinburgh on July 2nd followed by a counter conference also in Edinburgh organised by G8 Alternatives. The aim of the Glasgow G8 alternatives group is firstly that between now and July as many people in Glasgow as possible, ideally everybody, are made aware that the summit is taking place, who the G8 are and what they represent, and what people are doing in response. Secondly that everyone who wants to be involved in the actions that are taking place has the chance to. So basically we're trying to raise funds for leaflets, flyers etc to get the information out, and to help meet transport costs for people to go to the events".

As ever on a Fundimo night, for every pound donated, Optimo will match that pound.




Bank Holiday

Sunday May 29th 2005

Yes, it's bank holiday time again. We will be opening the doors at 10pm so try and get down early.





Sunday May 15th 2005

We are delighted to present XVECTORS from Edinburgh, one of the best new bands out of Scotland. For every pound donated, Optimo will equal that pound. Anyone who has been to the club recently will have heard their rocking version of the house classic 'Your Love' a version of which is on the b-side of their debut 7" (out now). Their own material is even better and hopefully they will have a 7" out on our OSCARR label later this year. Band on stage at midnight.

We're then going to have a few weeks without guests but we have lots of great stuff lined up for June, July and beyond including Les Georges Leningrad, Sir Richard Bishop, Isolee and much more. There will also be a Black Rabbit Whorehouse at the start of July. Stay tuned for more....





Sunday May 1st 2005


One of our favourite bands of all time, ESG need no introducton. These South Bronx sisters have been playing for over 25 years and after having them play at our Triptych event at the Barrowlands 3 years ago, we are delighted to welcome them to The Sub Club as part of this years Triptych. All the presale tickets went super fast but there will be around 200 tickets available on the night. We suggest getting down early! Doors will be at 11 and we hope to have a 4am license.

More to follow soon.....




Jeans Team

Sunday April 24th 2005

We have a late addition for this Sunday and are delighted to welcome the return of electronic pop maestros JEANS TEAM from Berlin. They last appeared at Optimo back in the day when Optimo was temporarily residing at Mas and were most, most excellent. You can see some crazy clips of them playing live and the video to their current single 'Oh Bauer' on the downloads page of their site. Great, great fun and only a quid extra!




The Black Rabbit Whorehouse

Friday April 22nd 2005

Black Rabbit, Volume 1

The Black Rabbit comes out of hibernation for the second outing of 2005 and heads overground for a night at The Arches in association with Cologne's mighty Kompakt (check their new mp3 store!). The night will see the return of Kompakt head honcho Michael Mayer who tore the roof of the hutch last time he played at The Black Rabbit. The night will also see a live performance form the mighty Justus Kohncke (plus friends!). Justus is responsible for more Optimo faves than we can shake a stick at and we have been trying to get him to come and play live for years. At last! Doors are at 11 and advance tickets are avalable now.

While on the subject of all matters Black Rabbit, Volume 1 in a series of Black Rabbit Whorehouse EPs exploring the music from the night is out now on 12" on OSCARR. Featuring two tracks each from local stars - Magic Daddy and The Truffle Club who have both performed at the night in the past, we think it is a killer introduction to the series.




Who Made Who

Sunday April 17th 2005

Who Made Who are a 3 piece band from Copenhagen and record for Munich's super GOMMA label. They are best known for their covers of 'Flat Beat' and 'Satisfaction' which they recorded for fun, but their own material is super good too as will be heard on Sunday when this Danish dynamo hits the Optimo stage.





Sunday March 20th 2005

Just following the release of her Output Recordings debut and second lp 'Out Of Breach' , MU unleashes a sonic assault of demented discoid punk, twisted beats, and screeching vocals at Optimo. MU's biog can be found here and there is a video for her 'Paris Hilton' song here.




Paul Reasearch

Sunday March 13th 2005

Coming over to the westside, from Edinburgh, Paul Reasearch plays his first live show of 2005 for Optimo. Paul Research, performing a solo audio-visual ectronic-glam rock, was a member of the The Scars, part of the Scottish punk scene of the 70's.(Contemporaries of the Gang of Four, Fire Engines and the Human League), The Scars had been strangely overlooked until Lemon Jelly's Shouty Track charted their role played in the Scottish music's history. They were mega. More here.




Our Disco

Sunday March 6th 2005

our disco

Keith and Jonnie very, very rarely miss Optimo, usually trying to limit this to once or twice a year. This week they are playing in Canada and The USA and it's not possible for them to be back for the Sunday. So, their friends and allies from London will be taking over Optimo for the night. You can read all about their world here. Be nice to them!




The Bug featuring Warrior Queen and Ras Bogle

Sunday February 27th 2005

Kevin Martin's industrial dancehall project 'The Bug' returns to Glasgow, after their 2003 Hogmanay performance. Ras Bogle and Warrior Queen will be providing the vocals. They have a new album forthcoming on Rephlex. Also, check out more info on Kevin Martin and The Bug here.





Sunday January 30th 2005

Next week finally sees the release of our KILL THE DJ mix cd which comes out on Monday January 31st (the vinyl will follow soon afterwards but we're not 100% sure when - as soon as we know, it will be up here). To celebrate we are being joined on Sunday by PANICO who are on the Tigersushi label who released our mix. Panico are from Chile but live in Paris and after having played with them in the Summer, we can't wait for them to unleash their energy on Optimo. So, come out and help us celebrate the long overdue release of our mix. Next up will be The Bug on February 13th.





Monday January 3rd 2005

Belated New Year greetings - we trust you had a good one and are not now too struck down by January blues? First off, a big thank you for the generosity of everyone who contributed to our Tsunami benefit which raised 2150 pounds! Thank you all.

Now, here's what's coming up over the next few weeks -

This Sunday (23/01/05) sees the return of Park Attack who record for our very own OSCARR label (which incidentally should see a little more activity in 2005 than in previous years). Park Attack aren't to everyone's taste but then neither is most of our favourite music and we love them with a passion (which to us is all that matters). Here's what the press said about their EP!

Stay tuned for the rest of this update.....




we love your ears