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Optimo Christmas party

Sunday December 19th 2004

This Sunday it will be the Optimo Christmas party where we hope to present a very, very special guest act at absolutely no extra charge. Details may follow or we may leave it as a surprise.

At last we can announce that we have a release date for our KILL THE DJ mix cd. It gets a UK release in January but lucky Glaswegians will be able to get pre Christmas copies from MONORAIL the week before Christmas!

That's all for now, except to add that we will again be doing an Optimo Hogmanay Party at the Art School. Tickets out late November, full details to follow.




Kill THe DJ

Thursday December 16th 2004

On Thursday 16th, we will be doing a launch party for our Kill THe DJ mix cd at Mono at Kings Court. The CD will then be available from Monorail for a full month before it is officially released in the UK. The launch party will run from 8 until 11.30. Music will be music for listening / drinking to. Then on the 19th, it's our Christmas party with special mystery guests and Santa. Optimo is open on Boxing Day and January 2nd. If you bring your Hogmanay ticket on the 2nd, you will get in for half price. We hope you all have an amazing festive holiday and there will be a new news update early in the new year.





Sunday December 12th 2004

This Sunday (December 12th), we present another Fundimo night. This one is to raise funds to send Optimo goer Tracy Hutcheon to South Africa to help with conservation.

Here's what Tracy wrote

I am traveling to South Africa with the organisation Conservation Africa in 2005 to carry out conservation and community work within the Garonga Conservation Project. Without funding brought in and contributed by students, there are many projects like this that would not be able to go ahead. I need to raise 4000 pounds for this project to go ahead.

Garonga covers a variety of different activities including bush clearing, anti-poaching patrols, soil erosion control, fence patrol, game counts and monitoring. The more specific components involve the identification of individuals and a ranking system of clan of spotted hyena. A study of predators within a study area, the ongoing food utilization and effect on habitat of elephants, and finally the identification and mapping of raptors nesting sites.

I will also be assisting with teaching music and sport to underprivileged school children in the village. In addition to this, I will be involved in teaching health care and agricultural schemes.





Sunday December 5th 2004


We welcome THE GO! TEAM who are one of the most exciting bands we have heard this year. Pretty hard to describe but maybe imagine Sonic Youth doing clapping songs produced by Phil Spector. At the moment we are trying to work out how to fit all six members with their two drum kits onto the stage in The Sub Club!





Sunday November 28th 2004

We are very honoured to present CLINIC. Having seen them live a few times, we always thought their psychotic live show would be perfect for Optimo and now we can fulfill our fantasy.

Sunday November 28th is also Optimo's 7th birthday! Yes, really! We can hardly believe it either. Feel free to shower us with gifts.





Sunday November 7th 2004

We present the rescheduled Whitey show. Whitey (kraut)rock! Their records are HUGE at Optimo and we love 'em.





Sunday October 31st 2004

On Sunday 31st it is Espookio, our Halloween party which this year actually falls on the right date! As ever, there will be crazy production and big prizes for the best costume. Please make some sort of effort as you'll feel like a fanny if you don't.




Kid and Khan

Sunday October 24th 2004

Kid and Khan

This Sunday (October 24th), we present the return of Kid and Khan. This will be their THIRD visit to Optimo (because we love them so much). Kid is - Kid Congo Powers, a total living legend and a former member of The Gun Club, The Cramps and The Bad Seeds. Khan is El Turco Loco also known as one half of Captain Comatose. If these two lived in Glasgow, they would be our resident band.




Double bill!

Sunday September 19th 2004

tv on the radio

Next up we are delighted to present our first ever double bill at Optimo. On this night, we will open at 10pm and be open until 4am (license permitting). The first band on will be - direct from New York TV On The Radio. One of the most unique bands of recent times with an awesome vocalist, their debut ep has been a fixture in the first hour of Optimo and their recently released album is one of the best of 2004. If you love original new music, don't miss this.

The second band will be Spektrum from London. We recently saw them play live in Holland and can assure you that they are one of the best live bands on the planet and are absolutely perfect for Optimo. Imagine Grace Jones jamming with ESG with 21st century electronics. Anyone who has been to the club in the last couple of years will already be familiar with some of their songs.

This should be a very special night and we highly recommend you get down early!





Sunday September 12th 2004

We are going to have another FUNDIMO night. Normally we try to raise money for local charities / people but this time we feel we should try and raise some money to help the people of Sudan. Your donation could literally save a life, so please give generously.





Sunday September 5th 2004


We have a packed September for you - On Sunday September 5th, we present the Optimo debut of Uter who record for our own OSCARR label. Uter play ultra dreampop.




Forthcoming in October / November

Wednesday September 1st 2004

We will be having (at last!) the launch party for our Kill The DJ mix cd, the return of Optimo faves Kid and Khan and (to be confirmed), performances from SunnO))), OSCARR recording artistes Park Attack and the recently reformed Homosexuals plus more to be announced nearer the time.

We hope to see you at some of these nights and we also hope to have improved air conditioning in the Sub Club very soon!




August / September Update

Sunday August 1st 2004

About time we had some new news!

This Sunday (August 8th) we are delighted to present another local band making some wonderful music. FUCK OFF MACHETE is the latest project from Natasha Noramly. Natasha used to be in Glasgow legends Ganger (who played Optimo way back in the mists of time) and her other band Fukyama were the first band ever to play at Optimo. She also helped out on several tracks on Twitch and cohort MP Lancaster's Mount Florida lp and when not making music, co runs the fabulous company that hosts our website. So, it is a great pleasure to welcome an old friend back to Optimo.
The rest of this update will appear later this week - we're just waiting on final confirmation of one more act for our September line up. Stay tuned!





Sunday July 25th 2004

Sadly, Whitey will not now be playing on Sunday (25th July). We hope to reschedule this for later in the year.

There will be a comprehensive news update very shortly including full details of our long, long awaited Kill The DJ mix cd.





Tuesday June 1st 2004

Firstly, a big thank you to everyone who donated to the Fundimo in aid of the Amanecer Orphanage in Bolivia. We raised a spectacular 780 pounds which Clare Bennet will take out when she goes to do voluntary work there later in the summer.

Thanks also to everyone who attended The Black Rabbit Whorehouse warehouse party - it was fab, although next time we will try to improve the toilet situation!!

So, to the upcoming guests at Optimo - On Sunday June 13th, we present The Lovers from Sheffield. Think a Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin for the 21st Century and you are maybe 25% of the way to imagining this. Here is their press release for more info -

The French duo The Lovers (Fred de Fred and Marion) is living in Sheffield.

Fred de Fred has a history that includes a stint as a smuggler on a boat, run-ins with the Mafia in the old Soviet Union, lengthy stays in monasteries, and involvement in the student riots in Paris in 68 and Notting Hill in 1975.

Nomadic and ghettophobiac Fred de Fred has been involved in many forms of music in differents countries : - Electro in Sheffield with the Fon Force, Robin Taylor Firth (Nightmares on Wax), Robert Gordon (Sweet Exorcist), Sarah Jay (Massive Attack). - Rock album in Texas (about the 19th century Dandy of crime Lacenaire) - Voodoo Dance show in Ivory Coast with Haitian singer Ife.

Marion who is almost half the age of Fred, left home at 17 to live in London where she launched a new "arty poppy-punk sexiness" (The Guardian) with her band "Mademoiselle". She moved to New York where she was Bunny Girl, followed by a stint as a jazz singer in San Francisco..

She worked with various producers including Nellee Hooper (Madonna.) and Kevin Bacon (Finley Qaye, Sugarbabe.) Singer-songwriter, her song "Wonderland" featuring Roisin Murphy (Moloko) scored a n2 hit in the Chart Club (December 2001).

In September 2001 Jamaican producer Paul Groucho Smikle introduces Marion to Fred.They then co-write and co-produce their album with Parrot and Dean Honer (All seeing I), Jarvis Cocker (Pulp), Kevin Bacon and Jon Quarmby (Manna Production).

The Lovers are now performing their "minimalist and Franglaise peculiar little Pop songs with an Electronic twist" in the UK , France , Germany and Russia (in August) .

On Sunday June 20th, we are going to have a launch party for our Kill The DJ mix cd - full details of the cd and triple lp will be made available soon but expect a few free giveaways on the night

Due to production problems with the cd, the launch party is postponed.

Rounding off June, on Sunday 27th we are delighted to present one of Glasgow's most exciting and original live bands - Mother and The Addicts. Signed to Chemikal Underground, they are one of thee most best of the current breed of explosive new talent in our city.

Heading into July, on Friday July 2nd, we return to The Sub Club for a one off Black Rabbit Whorehouse party. This night will feature the Scottish debut of the mighty Michael Mayer, head honcho of Cologne's Kompakt label. As well as this, it will be the debut live appearance of Naum which is JG Wilkes and James Savage's monster electronic band who have had various tracks released by Kompakt. Our advice - get there early!
Next up on Sunday July 11th, we present the return of local legends Michael Dracula who after a series of record company set backs return with a new drummer and hopefully some upcoming releases. Finally, on Sunday July 25th, we present Whitey from London who are about the only new UK band from south of the border who have excited us this year. We have been playing tracks from their soon to be reissued ep relentlessly. Expect a 6 piece whirlwind of sound!

Finally, don't forget to check the latest releases on OSCARR - here.

Have a fabulous summer!




Latest News

Saturday May 1st 2004

Sadly the James Chance and The Contortions tour has been postponed. We are hoping they will reschedule it for later in the year. Next Friday (May 28th) sees another 'secret' Black Rabbit Whorehouse party with a special live performance from the mysterious Vladivar Decay. Then on Sunday May 30th it is another bank holiday. We have decided to make this a Fundimo night and this time we are trying to raise money to help Optimist Clare Bennet to go to Bolivia to do voluntary work in an orphanage. Please give generously!

We have some more guests lined up for June and July - check back soon for more details and enjoy the sunshine

More soon.




Triptych at the Tramway

Saturday May 1st 2004


On Saturday May 1st, we will be appearing at a huge event at the Tramway. The headline act is one of our all time heroes - the one and only ANDRE WILLIAMS.

Mr. Williams aka The Black Godfather aka The King of Sleaze is nearly 70 years old and after spending most of the 80's on the streets of Detroit battling a slight crack problem, is back with a vengeance and performing his incindery R&B show across the globe. And now he brings it to Glasgow for the first time ever - This will be mega!. In the other room at Tramway, there is an outrageous line up of acts - Fourtet, Matthew Dear, Dabyre, Fennesz, Explosions in the Sky, and Animal Collective.




Mega February >>> July News Burst

Tuesday February 10th 2004

bobby conn

Ok, we've finally got off our arses and got some stuff lined up until July. There will be other things filling in the gaps as well as details of more Fundimo nights but here's what we have in the meantime. Next up on February 29th, we are delighted to at long last welcome Uncle John and Whitelock, Glasgow's finest exponents of dirty blues. We've been trying to procure their services for eons and at last we have tracked them down to their shack in the wilds of Maryhill.

Next up on March 21st, we present direct from the USA Bobby Conn. Now, Mr. Conn is maybe not someone we play too many records by at Optimo but we are all about putting on amazing entertainers, and Bobby is one of the greatest we have ever seen, ever. If this doesn't work for you, yr patently dead already!

We then have a one off Black Rabbit Whorehouse at a secret Glasgow location on Saturday April 3rd (please note date change). This will be a very intimate mailing list invite only event for around 75 people. If yr on our mailing list, watch yr inbox.

Then it's the Triptych weekend. On Saturday May 1st, we will be appearing at a huge event at the Tramway. The headline act is one of our all time heroes - the one and only ANDRE WILLIAMS.

Mr. Williams aka The Black Godfather aka The King of Sleaze is nearly 70 years old and after spending most of the 80's on the streets of Detroit battling a slight crack problem, is back with a vengeance and performing his incindery R&B show across the globe. And now he brings it to Glasgow for the first time ever - This will be mega!. In the other room at Tramway, there is an outrageous line up of acts - Fourtet, Matthew Dear, Dabyre, Fennesz, Explosions in the Sky, and Animal Collective.

On the Sunday (2nd May), Optimo will present the Scottish debut of The Ripoff Artist, the Californian master of the glitch. A whorehouse genius, he also brings a lot of humour to his music and has a totally unique sound. Dancefloor devastation is assured.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, The Ripoff Artist has cancelled. Sorry.

Instead, on that Sunday (May 2nd), we have a return visit from future Luciano playing live on the 16th. He is perhaps our current favourite electronic producer. His music is eccentric, groovy and very, very beautiful. His forthcoming album on Peacefrog records under the name Lucien-n-Luciano will be one of the records of 2004.

Fast forwarding to July, The Black Rabbit Whorehouse will return to The Sub Club for one night only on Friday 2nd to bring Michael Mayer over from Cologne. Mr. Mayer is head honcho at the mighty Kompakt label and as a testament to how exceptional he his, just note that this is the first dj we have ever booked for the Black Rabbit. Pffft pffft!

As I said, the blanks in the schedule will be filled in later but this should be enough to get you salivating for just now.




February Update

Sunday February 1st 2004


Hmmmmm, we seem to have been a bit slack on the old news updates front lately. So, better ammend that, eh? First off, just to let you know that we raised over 900 pounds at the last Fundimo for the Beatson Oncology Centre. Give yourselves a big pat on the back, although careful if you give Andy the barman a pat on the back as his sponsored back shaving may still be causing him pain.

This Sunday (February 1st), we are delighted to welcome one of the finest of the current wave of amazing Glasgow bands - Sons and Daughters. After seeing them late last year, we totally fell in love with their spellbinding music - check their website for an mp3.

We have a whole host of things coming up that we will tell you about soon so despite the perception that we are slacking on the guests front in 2004, we can assure you that this year is going to be very, very special!

In the meantime, the first of the upcoming batch of OSCARR releases is now out. The feedback on this so far has been great and we are delighted to have the pleasure to make it available.

More soon.





Monday January 5th 2004

First off, a very happy new year to you all and a big thanks to everyone who came to our Hogmanay party. We think it was without a doubt the best yet depite the awful kerfuffle with the cloakroom queue (if we return to the Art School next Hogmanay, this will be operated in a much more efficient manner, we promise). The year planners that were meant to be part of the 7" single were not ready in time (for which we also apologise) but will be available from the club from January 11th and throughout January and February. If you are from out of town or can't make it down, please get in touch and we will find a way to get yours to you.

We have a host of great things lined up for 2004 but are going to ease into the year gently so there is nothing really to report except for this Sunday (4th) where we will be doing another Fundimo night, this time in aid of Glasgow's Beatson Oncology Centre. As well as hoping you will donate an extra one pound (which we will match), we will be having a special 'performance' which we can assure you will be unforgettable and which may make you willing to donate some more or may have you heading for the hills!

That's all for now, we will report back with more soon.




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