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Merry Christmas

Saturday December 20th 2003

We would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and all the best for 2004 from Optimo (Espacio).





Sunday November 23rd 2003


we regret to announce that Zeigenbock Kopf will not be appearing at optimo. at their show in london last saturday, the band got a little carried away and were rolling around on broken bottles of jack daniels on stage. the lead singer got a huge chunk of glass stuck inside his knee which led to a major blood infection. he is currently in hospital in london recovering from major surgery. we offered to have a nurse on hand and set his intravenous drip up on stage for him but his doctor said NO! we are very sorry that they won't be playing as it sounds like it would have been a RIOT, but on the positive side, it means it'll be a little cheaper to get into optimo.

On Sunday November 23rd, Optimo will be 6 years old! Can it really be that long since we first started??? Quite often we get asked if we still enjoy doing it as much as when we first started. To that, we always say a resounding YES! The club has changed beyond belief over the years, as have the people who come (which is as it should be), but the core ethos of providing a wild Sunday night out for the freaks of this city remains. In the meantime, we have travelled the world trying to turn other countries on to the Optimo experience. This has been great but nothing can ever be as good as a fine Sunday night in Glasgow. As we always try to push the boundaries, for this birthday party, we present, direct from San Francisco, the mighty Zeigenbock Kopf, and their hardcore homosexual industrial electro.

Apart from lots of party treats and the usual Optimo madness, Prepare for the sonic fucking of the year!!





Wednesday October 1st 2003


We are delighted to welcome The Loosers from Lisbon, Portugal. Think Suicide meets The Stooges with one of the best front men we've seen in years. It'll only cost you an extra quid. Here's what their press release says - The Loosers are a Lisbon trio, consisting of Tiago Miranda, Rui Damaso and Jose Miguel, who over the last year have been setting the underground scene on fire. Inevitably, the Loosers have the reputation of being rebels. Discontent with the euphoria surrounding electro-rock, the trio produce a powerful, energetic sound, seeped in distortion and dancing dissonance, a throwback to New York no wave and noise hardcore.

Stay tuned for imminent Hogmanay news!

Thanks to everyone who came along to see The Bug - we thought it was amazing and hope you enjoyed it too. This is one guest who we can't wait to have back.

This Sunday (the 28th) is a bank holiday special. We have a 5 o'clock license but probably won't stay open that late as we need our beauty sleep too much and that's well past our bedtime. But, you never know.....

On Sunday October 5th, we have another Fundimo night. These were meant to be monthly but we have had a disappointing number of suggestions for fund raising ideas. The last night raised 260 pounds so a big thank you to everyone who contributed.

This month's Fundimo is in association with The Scottish Huntingdon's Association.

You donated 275 pounds which means we raised a total of 550 pounds!!! - Give yourselves a pat on the back!

Next up, on Sunday October 12th we are delighted to welcome Erase Errata to Optimo. You can check out an mp3 on their website but expect delirious no wave disco.

The following week (19th) we are delighted to announce the return of Pole to Optimo. Pole needs no introduction so for lovers of all things dub, get down early as he will be on at midnight.

On Friday October 24th, we will present what may be the last Black Rabbit Whorehouse at the Sub Club. Twitch will be doing the night solo with a special live set by upcoming local star and forthcoming OSCARR recording artiste Magic Daddy. In future, we are planning on holding a series of very intimate, invite only BRW parties at various locations around the city. Details will follow soon.

On Sunday November 2nd it's ESPOOKIO - the Optimo Halloween party. As ever, there will be BIG prizes for the best costume. Also appearing on the night will be Glasgow based (soon to be) legends, Multiplies.

On Sunday November 16th (also waiting confirmation) we present the long awaited Glasgow debut of the mighty Zongamin. For those who know - hooray!!


That's it for now but soon we will give details of our 5th Hogmanay Party, upcoming OSCARR releases and our (slightly delayed) double mix cd with Tigersushi. Also, out now is Jonnie's contribution to the mighty 'Speicher' series on Kompakt under his Naum alias.

Check it out!






Monday September 1st 2003

After a few weeks without having anyone play at the club, we decided it was far too much hassle to have to dj all night so we have booked some more guests to make our lives easier.

first up on august 31st, we are delighted to bring y'all some more local talent in the form of Squander Pilots. their singer - donna kebab - has known twitch for several decades and threatened to put some severely incriminating photos of him from the 1950's on the interweb unless we gave them a gig, so how could we refuse? anyhow, squander pilots make deliriously sublime pop music and are one of glasgow's best kept secrets. let's hope the secret is let out of the bag very soon.

on friday september 5th it's the Black Rabbit Whorehouse with a live appearance from local glitch mister (or meister even) Sparky who will have a release on our upcoming OSCarr offshoot soon. we don't have a name for this black rabbit based label yet so let us have your suggestions and if we pick yours, you can win a day out with mr. wilkes' labradoodle. yes, there is such a thing as a labradoodle and boy, are they cute. also, as we are incapable of running a record label efficiently - 5 releases in 2 and a half years! - the label is now going to be run by our friends at Tigersushi who have promised to give us a massive kick up the rear if we don't send them something to release every month. so, get those demos handed in!

next up on september 7th we present a mystery guest band. why a mystery? well, now that murder she wrote has been replaced by quincy on daytime stv, we felt there just wasn't enough mystery in our lives. we will however confirm that it's not the reformed Stooges.

then on september 21st, we present for your ear shattering delight The Bug plus MCs Ras Bogle and Warrior Queen. The Bug makes bowel shredding industrial dancehall and we LOVE his noise. so, start practising those bogling moves now!

that's it for now although coming up in the near future, we have erase errata and pole as well as some other dynamic live guests in the not so near future.

finally, for those who find the sub club a little too hot at the moment, can we recommend bringing a towel with you - it works for us. it could also double as a novel bit of headware and start a trend that all the london style mags just couldn't resist writing about. talking of london style magazines, the style section of the sunday times recently got in touch about doing a feature. i think when i told them that i thought brothel creepers were where it's at, they decided optimo wasn't quite what they were looking for after all. anyway, i digress. adios and see you at the club





Sunday July 13th 2003

We are beyond ecstatic at the thought of having this band play at Optimo. For those not familiar with Liquid Liquid, they were a seminal early 80's New York band based around percussion, vocals and bass. They had energy, they had funk and they sounded unique. They are possibly best known for their song 'Cavern' which was appropriated by Grandmaster Flash as the basis for 'White Lines', but all their songs are amazing. We were so in love with what they were about and that whole era in New York's rich musical history that we named Optimo after one of their songs. Funnily enough, it's impossible to open a magazine today without Liquid Liquid or that era being written about so it's nice to see something we have long championed getting recognition at long last (20 years after the fact!).

Late last year, a couple of members of the band got in touch to say how touched they were that our club was named after one of their songs. This led to a friendship developing and when they informed us that they were reforming for two shows in New York in March, we had our flights booked the next day. Now, I am always a little wary when bands reform after so long, but Liquid Liquid were doing it for all the right reasons - they wanted to do it for FUN, and so their friends and family who had never had a chance to see them back in the day could maybe see what it had all been about. Well, it was immense! We were speechless at the end and the amount of love for them in that small room in New York City was overwhelming. It was without a doubt one of the best live performances we have ever seen. At the end, we were literally begging for them to come to Glasgow.

As it turns out, they enjoyed themselves so much that night that they decided they would do a handful of European shows and then that would be it, end of reformation. Well, they had little choice but to come to Glasgow and so, apart from a show in London, this will be the only chance to see them in the UK ever! They are thrilled at the prospect and find the idea of playing 'Optimo' at Optimo very surreal. Personally, we are so excited that I think we may need beta blockers on the night to calm down. We promise you that this night will be incredibly special and worth every penny of the (expensive for Optimo) ticket price.
Be there!

There will be 250 tickets available in advance (from tomorrow or saturday 21st) with the rest being first come, first served on the night. They are available from ticketweb, monorail, ticket scotland and the optimo website shop. tickets are 12 plus s.t.b.f (they will be more on the door).





Tuesday July 1st 2003

Thanks to everyone who came along to see Liquid Liquid - it was so, so special. It looks like the reception the band received at Optimo has at least in part made them rethink whether this will be a short term reformation or not. We'll keep you informed!

We are going to have a break from having any guests for a while at Optimo but hope to bring you Zongamin and Erase Errata over the next few months.

In the meantime, at the next Black Rabbit Whorehouse on Friday 25th July, you can look forward to hearing a live set by T. Raumschmiere. One of the highlights of this years Sonar festival, we assure you that this will be mental!

The lack of imminent guests at the club will free us up to work on some other projects. We will have a double cd coming out around October on Tigersushi (volume two in their Kill The Dj series). One cd will be mixed while the other will be an unmixed selection of some of our favourite songs. This will be proceeded by a 12" sampler which will feature the first ever song Twitch and Wilkes have worked on together.

In the meantime, Wilkes has a track on Cologne's Kompakt labels' mighty Schaffelfieber 2 compilation under the name Naum. He will also have a side on one of their upcoming Speicher 12"s, nearly all of which have been huge hits at Optimo over the last year or so.

Twitch in the meantime will have the first new 12" in nearly 20 years on the recently reactivated Ze Records. He will also be working on a number of other projects for them too.

Exciting times! Stay tuned for more.....





Thursday May 1st 2003

It's time again for more news of what goodies we have lined up for our your entertainment.

before that, for those of you who missed it, you can read (and weep if it applies to you) about the new optimo door policy here.

ok, back to the fun.

this friday (may 9th) is the next black rabbit whorehouse. you either get it or you don't so we're not going to hype it here.

on sunday (may 11th) we present Felix Kubin - a crazy one man German entertainment machine. here's some spiel -

Felix Kubin, one half of the Hamburg based futuristic noise band KLANGKRIEG, lives and works against the rest of the world. His activities comprise Sci-Fi Pop/Noise/animation films/radio plays/experimental broadcasting. As the messenger of exploding lungs he started his label "Gagarin Records" in 1998 and rules the "syndicate of counter-noise" since 9.9.1999.

His experiences both in electroacoustic music and strange electronic pop (that he followed already in the early 80ies with his notorious band "Die Egozentrischen Zwei" — soon to be released as "the Tetchy Teenage Tapes of Felix Kubin" on SKIPP and A-Musik) induced him to launch a vinyl record label for all kinds of Dada-electronics on the edge of pop and experimental music.

then on may 25th we present LCD Soundsystem. apparently LCD Soundsystem are some hip band from new york city. we don't know anything about them apart from the fact that they promised to publish photos of jonnie wilkes' behaviour in new york earlier this year unless we gave them a gig. this didn't leave us much choice so....

please note - doors will be at 10.30pm for this event!

and so, on to june -

on sunday june 1st, optimo will be part of the one-in-four festival which is a series of musical events that have been lined up to raise mental health awareness in scotland. your contribution to this will be paying an extra 1 on the night, all of which will go to SAMH (Scotland's leading mental health charity). optimo will also donate a chunk of our proceeds from the night to SAMH. if you feel strongly against donating the 1, then you are at liberty not to but as it is a very important and good cause, we hope that you will.

on sunday june 8th Gareth Sager will be performing. Gareth used to be in one of the greatest bands of all time - The Pop Group and is now recording for one of our city's most adventurous labels - creeping bent. we're not quite sure what he will be doing but the words discordant and strange may spring to mind.

on to friday 20th june and hey, it's the black rabbit whorehouse again. already?! hopefully we will have our first ever live guests with Captain Comatose playing live. Captain Comatose are on the wonderful Playhouse records label and feature our old friend Khan with his pal DJ Snax. Expect lots of camp entertainment. imagine Prince jamming with Akufen. Or something....

that's all for now but you can look forward to seeing LIQUID LIQUID live at the club in July. this will be perhaps the most special night in the history of the club so stay tuned for more details.

for non glaswegians, we will be starting monthly nights in edinburgh, dundee and aberdeen soon - when we have the dates they will be posted up on our on tour page.

'til the next time xxx.





Tuesday April 1st 2003

So, what's coming up at the club then?

Well, this Sunday (23rd March), local pop upstarts V TWIN will be performing. Their appearance at Optimo has been in the pipeline for around 5 years, so better late than never, eh? For this Sunday, doors will open at 10.30 and the band will be on at 11.30, so head down early!

April is going to be a great month at Optimo. We are really, really going to spoil you!

First of all, on Friday April 4th it is the fourth BLACK RABBIT WHOREHOUSE at The Sub Club - bring yr bunnies!

Next up on April 6th, we present the long awaited return of THE RAPTURE. Anyone who saw them last time will know that they are an incredible live experience. They enjoyed Optimo so much last time that they insisted that their Glasgow date was at the club. How could we refuse? There will be a limited number of tickets available in advance for this night.

On to April 13th when we are very, very happy to announce the return of KHAN and KID CONGO POWERS. Anyone who saw their now legendary performance when we were in Planet Peach will know what a great show they put on. To those who haven't seen them before, expect outrageous electronic sleaze with guitar from one of the coolest men in the history of rock n' roll.

On April 20th we present WHITEHOUSE. What can I say? This will probably be the most intense, extreme musical experience you will ever see in your life. In fact, I don't know why Mr Bush doesn't book them to play on the Iraqi border - after half an hour, I am convinced Mr. Hussein would give himself up, thus avoiding the slaughter of large numbers of innocent Iraqi civilians. If you don't agree 100%, we will refund your entry fee in full! Whether you love it or loathe it, you owe it to yourself to attend this, their first ever performance in Scotland.

Finally, on Sunday 30th, Twitch and Wilkes will be playing some records at the GRACE JONES / SLY AND ROBBIE show at the Barrowlands as part of the Triptych music festival. Then it's onto the club afterwards for the after party.

A packed month, I'm sure you will agree. We hope to se you at some or all of the above. Take care.





Saturday February 1st 2003

after much procrastination, here's the lowdown on what you can expect at optimo in the next few weeks (apart from the usual sloppy dj'ing and posing scenesters of course).

this coming sunday (the 23rd), we present the return of local heroes el hombre trajeado. el hombre were one of the first bands ever to play optimo back in the day so after a period of inaction, it is a joy to have them back.

on friday 28th february, we bring you the third black rabbit whorehouse at the sub club. we're still trying to work out just quite what this night is all about but it's been fun so far and the last one was fab. to the moaning minnies who pointed out that there were two records played that also had been played at optimo - get a life!

the following sunday - march 2nd, we continue with our slightly lapsed policy of supporting local bands by giving you son of kong. what are they like? i have no idea whatsoever but as it is the band of our long serving and loyal cash desk person janis and i keep missing their gigs, it was only right that we put them on. also, as it is the younger of the two optimo dj's birthdays, they have agreed to cover the song of his choice. i hope they know their stockhausen!

then, on march 9th, twitch and wilkes are swanning off to new york to see liquid liquid who gave us the name 'optimo' and are playing again for the first time in 20 years. we hope to persuade them to come over later in the year to play at the club. we will also be playing a few gigs while over there and shouting rude things at the us delegation outside the un building. in our place we have two mystery guest djs - one of whom we are flying in especially. whooo!!!! as well as that, just to reinforce how much better optimo is without us, we will have a performance from the kills - dirty two piece blues rockers from london.

lots of good stuff coming up in april but you'll just have to wait for the details ('cos i don't have them yet), but expect the rapture, whitehouse and the buff medways.

in the meantime, the new oscarr 12" ep from electronicat should be in local shops and the particularly sparse looking shoptimo imminently.

see you all soon, take care and let's all hope that our leaders listen, stop being so bloody minded and that there isn't going to be a war!





Sunday January 5th 2003

Thanks to everyone who attended our Hogmanay party and made it the best yet. As we enter the 6th year of Optimoness, we have some wonderful stuff planned for 2003. Check back soon for a January / February update. In the meantime, see you at The Sub Club.

ps - The next Black Rabbit Whorehouse night is on Friday January 17th.




we love your ears