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December Update

Sunday December 1st 2002

So, back to the Sub Club at last! Despite a few wee teething problems, it's a delight to be back. It's great for putting on live bands too - 2003 is going to be fab down there.

This Friday (13th - lucky for some) is the launch night of our new monthly (well, every 5 weeks to be exact) Black Rabbit Whorehouse night. Anyone expecting Optimo pt. 2 will be sorely disappointed. Anyone open to new electronic dance sounds should like it - we're raring to go! Doors open at 10pm.

Anyone in Aberdeen may be interested to know that there is an Optimo night at The Lemon Tree on Saturday (14th) featuring Bis live

Sunday 15th, we present new Glasgow sensations Park Attack. They are primitively fantastic, a breath of fresh air and this is only their 4th ever gig. I'm not going to describe them - just investigate and make up yr own minds. We can't wait. Again, doors are at 10pm and we have a 4 o'clock license for the rest of December (we might not go until 4 but it's nice to have the option).

Sunday 22nd is our Christmas Party (free entry for all reindeer) with Flesh Records recording artist Zongamin (MP3 here). Expect mutant disco.

Sunday 29th is our Hogmanay warm up. Anyone bringing their Hogmanay ticket will get in for £3.

Then on the 31st, it's the big one. Our 4th annual Hogmanay bash at the fArt school with very special guest star Jimi Tenor. Downstairs will feature the Espacio Psychedelic lounge with dj's Fingersports, Mingo go and Dom Disco X. Tickets are £22 (plus booking fee) from Shoptimo, Ticket Scotland, Missing (Great Western Road) and Fopp (Byres Road). Tickets come with our 4th annual mix cd. We think this is the best one yet. For people who can't make it along, there will be a few of these available from Shoptimo early in the new year.

That's all for just now - there'll be another update early in the new year. Have a Contorted Christmas y'all xxxx

stop press

optimo are very pleased to announce our involvement with monorail records which will open its' doors at midday on monday (2nd) at 12 kings court, king street, glasgow (inside the new 13th note mono complex).

we have no financial involvement at all, but were very keen to help in any way possible as it is so hard to buy so much of the music we play in glasgow, and we feel it is vital for this city to have a super groovy record shop where all genres are catered for.

the shop is run by total music heads and having had a sneaky look at their stock, all i can say is - wow!

we have given (and will continue to give) some hints on ordering records, will have an 'optimo record of the month' each month and will pop in to play our favourite records from time to time.

we urge you to support this new local business, simply so that there is somewhere to buy amazing music in town and we all don't end up buying all our music via the internet.


stay tuned for more!





Friday November 15th 2002

Due to illness - Add N to (X) have cancelled. Many apologies - if and when it can be rescheduled, we will let you know.





Saturday November 2nd 2002

keep contorting!





Friday November 1st 2002

it's been a while but here's the latest update with some long, long awaited news! (it's also a long, long update so bear with us!)

three weeks to go!

yes! the sub club is almost ready - woooooo!

the final optimo night at mas will be sunday november the 24th which coincidentally is also optimo's 5th birthday party (it's off to school for us soon). no one is more amazed than we are that we have lasted so long or that we still enjoy it as much as we ever have. it seems most other people do too! on the website questionnaire (of which we have received over 500 back), an outstanding 94% of you think it is as good as it used to be.

anyhow, for the final night / birthday party, we really want to go out with a bang so we have booked a very, very special guest to take over the bar room for the night. ladies, gentlemen and freaks - we very proudly present mr. william bennet from whitehouse who will be performing a dj set. probably unknown to most, whitehouse have been around for over 20 years and are thee pioneers of extreme noise. extreme is really too mild an adjective to use - mr. bennet is going to leave rubble in his wake and add fuel to the fire to the ongoing optimo dj booking ethos - if we're going to book a dj, we want it to be someone who can do something that no other dj can do. this is going to be fucking mega and will seriously sort out the wheat from the chaff. i just wish we had the balls to put him on in the main room.

we were originally going to have a sticky bun fight and buy in 1000 sticky buns but we were worried that those of you who actually spend a bit of cash on yr attire might get a tad upset!


december 1st - we ask all moaners, too cool for schoollers, folk who get too wasted, lechers, stinkers, posers, homophobes, rude pushers through the dancefloor and any other losers to find somewhere else to spend their sunday nights.

the rest of you, please make yr way round to jamaica street for our return home to the sub club after three years out in the wilderness. we have no need to hype this up. it's going to be ace. to kickstart the proceedings we have two very special live mystery guests. we're not going to tell you - you'll have to check the fliers - as it's no doubt going to be very busy anyway. saying that, i think this isn't going to be that busy as everyone will think it's going to be too busy and stay away!

then, on december 8th, we bring you the rescheduled add n to x show from a few weeks ago. we're going to do something a little different this night. it's going to be £7/£6 to see the band. but, we're going to open the doors at 9.30 and put the band on at 11.00. we reckon this way, we can create more of a 'gig' type atmosphere and avoid the scenario where half the crowd are moaning about not being able to dance. then, once the band have finished, if you want to just come to the club it will be £6/£5 (of course if yr already in, you can stay).

regarding the price - after 5 years, we have decided to add £1 to the admission price. we feel this is still the best value for any night in glasgow and the price increase is not out of greed, but so that we can have a little extra money to invest in the night. this also means that on some of the guest nights when we would charge an extra £1, we will absorb this cost ourselves. again, if you think this is outrageous,there are plenty of sunday night alternatives out there.

we are really determined to make this a new start for the club and while we are not going to radically change the non-formula of the night, we will take it as an oppurtunity to try some new ideas and make some changes. we still maintain that we never started optimo for any other reason than for us to have some fun on a sunday night. inevitably the bubble will burst sooner or later, but what the fuck - we'll still be doing it as long as we get a kick out of it and we'd much rather have a crowd who come because they love the night than for any other reason.

we certainly want to avoid the following scenario -

i got this anonymous email from a certain serious glamour which made me laugh so much i nearly choked on my camel filter. here is how she imagines what it will be like back at the sub club -

....having overcome the obstacles that stand in your way and actually made it in to the (sub) club, you will quickly discover that all your efforts have been in vain, as everyone inside is so heart stoppingly cool (y'know, that torn-pussed, skinny, pale, miserable 'oh christ look the new people are smiling and dancing god how pathetic' kinda cool that those optimo regulars do so well) that any attempts to dance, talk or smile will result in you receiving frosty glares all round. signs on the walls warn you not to attempt to combine all three. is this true or a nasty rumour?

thanks ms. glamour.

when we go back, we will try to make sure that folk on the guest list queue with everyone else and that there are no special priviliges for so called friends of the sub.

this update is too long so i'll save the details of our christmas night, the fourth annual hogmanay bash, details of our new black rabbit whorehouse monthly and upcoming oscarr news until the next time to give you a chance to digest all of this.




September / October Update

Sunday September 1st 2002

It has been a bit quiet on the guest front in September but we more than make up for it in October -

Sneaking in on the last Sunday of September (29th) we proudly welcome Timeblind from New York City. Timeblind is Chris Sattinger, once a renowned techno artist and now a renowned weirdy electronic artist. He co runs the mighty Polar Bear club in New York City who gave Twitch a gig one time he was over there. Chris shares the same open music vision as Optimo and his live set will fit perfectly into the warm up / getting the dancefloor going section of the night. If you want to hear what he's like, there's some mp3's here.

Then, on October 6th, we present Optimo (Germania) with not one but two German bands playing. In the bar, we present , from Berlin Mitte Karaoke who will be doing their crazy all singing, all dancing thang. In the main room, we present Jeans Team, also from Berlin and renowned on the Optimo dancefloor for their 'Keine Melodien' track. Twitch and Wilkes saw them play in a field outside Munich last summer and can't recommend them highly enough. By the way, these two bands are totally unconnected despite both hailing from Berlin. It just so happens that we got offered them both on the same night and couldn't say no.

Then on October 13th, we are very pleased to finally welcome Add N to (X) to Optimo. Their drum n' moog live show is a sight to behold and will give yr ears some serious loving. As this is likely to be very popular, there will be 100 tickets available in advance (details to follow) so the die hard can ensure entry..

As many folk outside scotland visit here, we thought we'd put up our forthcoming dates in case you can come along and say hello.

friday september 27th - optimo (belfastio) - the menagerie, belfast.
thursday october 10th - chromeo - paris
saturday october 12th - stockholm (venue tba)
wednesday october 16th - stockholm (venue tba)
saturday october 19th - electric stew - great eastern hotel london

That's it for just now though no doubt there will be more to follow, along with some news of upcoming OSCARR stuff

Take care.





Thursday August 1st 2002

First up, the long awaited Optimo Aquatio boat party 2002 has now been confirmed for Friday September 13th (lucky for some!). We apologise for the dithering on the exact date but full details will be available imminently.

This Sunday (11th) we present the Glasgow debut of Michael Drakula. Both members are fixtures at Optimo (indeed, Twitch and Wilkes have missed more Optimos than they have in the last year!) and thus should know what will work at the club. They will play a short but to the point 15 minute set. If we like 'em enough, we may even sign 'em!

On the 18th, we have Midnight Mike (Flesh / Output records) who was going to be in town anyway and asked to play. His set will be short and sleazy (very sleazy!)

On Sunday 1st September we are very pleased to present a Telle records night. Best known for unleashing Royskopp and Kings of Convenience on the world, this Norwegian powerhouse of talent will bring some old Optimo friends over for the night. Dj'ing in the bar will be (the gorgeous) Annie and Telle records head honcho Mikal Telle. In the mainroom we will have the UK live debut of And the Left Handed featuring a couple of Opel Bastards in their more Kraut / Garage rock incarnation.

Then it's Aquatio - pray for sunshine!

Then we shall be preparing to leave Mas and head back home to the Sub Club (not a moment too soon!!!)

On the OSCARR front, the Pro Forma EP is out now in Glasgow and the rest of the country from September 2nd. As always, you can also get it from here.

Hopefully the folowing releases will make it out before the end of 2002 - An EP from Electronicat, a split 12" from Mount Florida / Mary Hill, the long awaited first Plundertones EP, the long, long, long awaited Fuck You Spammer LP and EP 2 from Creme De Menthe. Phew!

That's all for now but stay tuned for Aquatio info and details of the next long overdue Optimo Tape Night

Later xxx





Saturday June 1st 2002

***stop press***

A hello to any visitors that stumbled on this after seeing the club featured on BBC2's Money Programme.

This Sunday (21st) we present Gramme from London - another very Optimoesque band (if such a thing exists). Here's a description - "Recorded by The Underdog, Gramme draw on a vast range of musical influences, raw funk, punk, disco jazz and pop, they've found their sound somewhere in the early '80s, think Rip Rig & Panic, Public Image, Liquid Liquid, Slits, but twisted with a streak of no nonsense contemporary suss."

More guests to follow as well as details of the Aquatio boat party....

In the meantime, the new OSCARR release from Pro Forma is in all good record stores now.

That is all.

How do? Apologies to anyone who attended the Jubilee Bank Holiday and was a little annoyed by the repeated fire alarms. This was a result of the caretaker of the building Mas is housed in seemingly losing the plot and 'testing' the alarm!!! This was totally beyond our control and we hope it didn't spoil anyones night too much

Anyway, here's what we have coming up at the club over the next few weeks.

This Sunday (June 9th), we are pleased to welcome TEAMSHADETEk from New York. A mixture of live and turntables, their music is raw, raw, raw! electronic music with a messed up ragga / r&b twist. They will be taking over the Espacio lounge for the night.

On Sunday June 23rd we are delighted to welcome Murcof from Mexico (His Flash website is here). Signed for the UK by the groovy Leaf Records, he is part of Tiujana'a Nortec movement which they describe as -

"The future music for the rest of Mexico was born here today,"claims¬ a young clubgoer in an improvised dance club situated in a fifth floor artist's loft overlooking Tijuana's hyper-busy Revolution Avenue. Vinyl records became extinct more than a decade ago in¬ Mexico, but today DJ Tolo slaps the first ever vinyl produced in the¬ country's post-rave era. The music the young dancer refers to is¬ known locally as 'Nortec', a hectic mix of norte√Īo music, Tex-Mex¬ sounds, ranchera guitars, banda sinaloense horns, and beats mixed¬ with electronic sounds that glisten with depth, echo, groove and¬ reverb. The music starts, everybody slides and moves. A sound like¬ this only could have been dreamed up in a place like Tijuana.

Murcof is from the more gentle end of the musical spectrum (perfect for the warm up) and will be doing a live set early on in the night. Here's a brief biog -

Hailing from Tijuana, Mexico, Fernando Corona’s musical background runs the gamut from an acoustic rock to experimental multimedia. A phase of composing for dance ensembles led him to develop a taste for 20th century classical music, particularly the emotional music of eastern european composers like Henryk Gorecki and Arvo Pärt.

Corona was born in Tijuana in 1970 but lived most of his life in Ensenada, a small port eighty miles south of Tijuana. Returning to the city in mid-2000, Fernando finds himself at the peak of his creative powers as a sought after musical producer working with local bands, remixing other musical projects (including the Kronos Quartet), producing musical scores for short films and video games.

A former member of the Tijuana-based Nortec Collective of electronic musicians and artists (whose members also include Panoptica), his debut as Murcof was the Monotónu EP, released through Sutekh’s Context label.

Then we have a few weeks without guests until -

Sunday July 14th when we welcome The Rapture from New York City's impossibly cool DFA records (hear them )

Anyone who has been to Optimo recently will be familiar with their 'House of Jealous Lovers' - an invigorating mix of funk and punk which could almost have been made with Optimo in mind - and which is surely destined for
Optimo Classic status.

Apart from that, on the OSCARR front, the Pro Forma EP is imminent and will be swiftly followed amongst other releases by a split Krautrock tribute EP by Mary Hill and Mount Florida. There will also be an 'Optimo Live' CD which will initially be made available for £1 at a forthcoming Optimo night.

We are hoping there will be another Optimo Aquatio day on the waves during the summer and will post details as and when we have them.

And finally, the never ending 'When will the Sub Club reopen?' saga seems to be entering its final chapter and we should be back there for the end of the summer - hooray!

When we return, we will also be starting a new monthly Friday night - The Black Rabbit Whorehouse - stay tuned for more........





Friday April 26th 2002


we are very pleased to announce details of the confirmed optimo (espacio) in association with triptych event at glasgow's barrowlands ballroom on friday april 26th.

the line up is as follows -

ESG will be headlining. They are the legendary South Bronx all girl band whose music has always been a crucial part of the optimo sound. they have only played in the uk 3 times in the 20 years they have been around and we are flying them in especially.

they will be ably supported by RICHIE HAWTIN who needs no introduction. he will be doing his dex, fx and final scratch thang.

next up is german dubmeister POLE who will shake the barrowlands to its core with his live bass vibrations.

last but no means least, RADIOBOY guise which will involve creating an audio soundtrack live on stage by destroying 'the totems of global capitalism' and sampling the ensuing sounds!!

also in attendance of course, will be twitch, wilkes, mac and roland.

tickets will be available imminently from fopp and virgin (buchanan street) as well as shoptimo at the price of £18 (plus booking fee).

we think it's going to be a good one!

in addition there will be a further triptych related event at optimo on sunday april 28th featuring SCION (part of berlin's chain reaction / basic channel enclave) with TIKIMAN on vocals. righteous!





Monday April 1st 2002

yr probably sick of the hype but next up will be our barrowlands event and tikiman and scion on the sunday. barrowlands tickets are now available via shoptimo

whorehouse special!!!!

then, we are very, very pleased to announce the live scottish debut of Akufen on sunday may 19th. hailing from montreal, this guy is singlehandedly responsible for making house music interesting again and truly taking it into the 21st century. it's a bit hard to try to describe his sound but it is truly unique and mindblowing. we went on an all out mission to get him to come over here and thankfully he has obliged. merci beaucoup monsieur leclair!

that's about it for the mo but i'm sure there'll be a couple more minor updates over the next few weeks.





Friday March 1st 2002

Firstly, we're a bit late on this one but Bis will be playing this Sunday (24th). They will be doing an all electronic set, performing their recent O.S.C.A.R.R. EP as well as a couple of other songs too.

Then on the 31st, it is the Easter bank holiday. Doors will open at 10 (ish!) and the night will go on until 3.30am (whoo!). We will have a live set from Creme De Menthe and the Easter Bunny may make an appearance in the bar.

On the 7th of April, Optimo will be hijacked. We can't give any details about this for security reasons - you'll just need to see.

On the 14th April we have a Electronicat. He has played Glasgow before but his electronic Stooges / Spacemen 3 esque sounds were made to be heard in the confines of Optimo. If you have been to the club in the last six months, you will recognise his distinctive sounds instantly. Prepare to freak! If you get the chance, try to hear his recent EP or check out his remix of the new Depeche Mode single.

Then it's all a build up to the Barrowlands - Yee haa! Tickets are now on sale from Virgin (Buchanan Street), FOPP and Shoptimo.

We should have the next OSCARR release - a super 4 track EP from Glasgow's Pro Forma with us in the next few weeks, so stay tuned for more on that.

That's more than enough for now. See you at the club. XX





Saturday January 5th 2002

Firstly, belated happy new year to all of you and thanks to everyone who attended the hogmanay party - the best yet?

As we all begin to get in the swing of all things 2002, we thought we'd better let you know what's up in Optimo land.

The big news is that work on the interior of the Sub Club begins in February and if everything runs smoothly we should be back home for the end of April - hooray! We have had a sneak preview of the plans and we can assure you that the new Sub Club will be one of the very best in the world (not that it wasn't before mind, but now it will really be a 21st century club). Believe the hype!

Optimo also has some big plans for this year including an Optimo spectacular at the Barrowlands, details of which will follow in the next couple of weeks.

Following the success of "Eglitchio", we are looking into making this a monthly Friday night although we have no concrete dates for this.

We have a few guests coming up over the next few weeks but are going to go a bit easy on this front until we return to the Subbie. Here's what we have planned -

10/02/02 - Optimo (Valentino) 'Love Freak' party. If you didn't find love at previous Optimo Valentines parties, perhaps this will be your lucky night! This night will also feature a preview of the new Cornelius album and some Cornelius lp freebies too.

17/02/02 - The Dudley Corporation live. Future stars of a forthcoming OSCARR compilation, all we can say is that live - they rock! They are also three of the nicest Irishmen you are ever likely to meet, so please give them a warm Optimo welcome.

03/03/02 - Twitch's birthday weekend. Jack Daniels and Coke please.

10/03/02 - Elizabeth Esselink aka Solex will be dj'ing in the Espacio lounge. If you haven't heard her mighty new album Low Kick and Hard Bop, all we can say is why not?

That concludes our Matador Records hype campaign for 2002.

Apart from that, we may or may not have live performances over the next few months from Vitalic, Adrian Sherwood, Tikiman and Pro Forma.

It's all systems go for OSCARR this year - watch our baby go! The Creme De Menthe EP has had a fantastic response and will now be reissued by Disko B from Germany. Next up, we have -

Bis - Factory Records Covers EP. This will be the first OSCARR release to have a picture sleeve - whoooo! - and should be available from 04/03/02.

After that, there will be an EP from Pro Forma.

A split 12" from Mount Florida and DJ Mary Hill (tbc).

A 10" from Pig, Cat and Cow (Khan, Electronicat and DJ Mingo go) with a Twitch remix (tbc).

"Fuck You Spammer" - An LP that will shock, scare and confound followers of OSCARR. This is the ultimate geek compilation as the Scottish, Irish, Dutch and American contributors to this compilation have only ever met on the internet.

Another EP from the mighty Creme De Menthe.


There are also rumours abounding about a label called Plundertones for releases that are not entirely legal on the copyright front but our lawyer has advised us to deny any knowledge of this, so we will.

In the next few weeks, an online shop will be added to the website where you can buy all these releases and have them delivered to your house (cool!). The shop will also sell advanced tickets for bigger Optimo events, possibly some Optimo merchandise (sell out!) and any old junk that we have lying round our houses.

Finally, in our never ending mission to expand the website to ridiculous proportions, we have added a photo page here. If you have any photos you have taken that you would like to see included, please email them to here

Well, that's quite enough for now. See you at the club.

Lots of love,

Twitch, Wilkes. Mac and Roland xxx

ps - For Optimo freaks outside Glasgow, there is a possibility of a series of Optimo nights in London, we will be appearing in Belfast on the 15th February, Helsinki on February 23rd and New York City on the 5th and 6th of April. World domination, here we don't come.




we love your ears