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<  Echatio  ~  Network thought a QA with Jerry Jone

Posted: Wed Dec 06, 2017 9:51 am Reply with quote
Joined: 27 Nov 2017 Posts: 83
If you could ask Jerry Jones one question, would it be a legitimate football question or one about his poor judgment Frank Kearse Jersey and questionable decisions? The latter, right?On Wednesday morning, NFL Network decided a question-and-answer se sion with Jerry Jones would be a fun thing to do. The network headed to Twitter to get some good, fun content from its viewers. Things quickly went off the rails.MORE: Jerry Jones' best and worst moments | Cam Newton calls Greg Hardy a great teammateIt created a#AskJerryJones hashtag and fans promptly began asking Jones if he'd sign Hitler, ISIS and other really bad things. This mostly stems from Jones recently sticking up for Greg Hardy who was convicted of a saulting his ex-girlfriend before the case fell apart on appeal. The Cowboys picked up Hardy Greg Scruggs Jersey in the offseason, so fans are wondering what lengths will Jonesgo to field a half-decent football team.#AskJerryJones Give or take a few felonies, how many crimes does one have to commit to become a leader of your team? BLACK ADAM SCHEFTER (@B1ackSchefter) November 25, 2015If Vick beat women instead of dogs, how quickly would you have signed him? #AskJerryJones Chad (@csoptick) November 25, 2015#AskJerryJones if you could go back in time and murder baby Hitler, would you do it or sign him as a defensive back? Mike Ge sner (@calbears96) November 25, 2015Which prisons do you plan on visiting in the off-season looking for new players? #AskJerryJones #1 Eggnog Fan (@moleloco) November 25, 2015If ISIS Chase Farris Jersey could get to the QB on 3rd down, would you sign them? #AskJerryJones John Q. Cowboys Fan (@HonestBoysFan) November 25, 2015Since Joseph Randle a saulted a police officer do you plan on re-signing him and making him the starter? #AskJerryJones Anthony Beers (@AnthonyBeers) November 25, 2015If OJ Simpson, Greg Hardy, and Pablo Escobar were all in their prime and available which one would you sign? #AskJerryJones Brendan O'Connor (@brendanoconnor0) November 25, 2015Will you make Bill Cosby the new Martellus Bennett Jersey cheerleading coach? #AskJerryJones Dan Levey (@iamdanlevey) November 25, 2015Yeah, so, you get the gist. Still waiting to hear back on the answers from Jones.

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