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Posted: Tue Jul 24, 2012 11:47 am Reply with quote
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The Admiral Presents

Melting Pot

Nicky Siano (The Gallery, NYC)
And resident Andrew Pirie

Hot Mess with Simonotron

Saturday 1st September, 2012
The Admiral
72a Waterloo Street, Glasgow, G2 7DA
11pm - 3am
£10 on the door


Nicky Siano (The Gallery, NYC)

The Gallery, The Loft and The Paradise Garage were the three most important clubs in New York’s underground Disco scene. The DJ Nicky Siano, whose club, The Gallery, ran from 1972-77, had the distinction of being connected to all three. He was also the DJ when the most celebrated of all clubs, Studio 54, opened its doors – playing as Bianca Jagger entered on a white horse!

“Nicky Siano was the king of DJs. He was so fierce he could put on a record and people would scream. There was no other DJ like Nicky Siano. He was the best DJ I ever heard.” Kenny Carpenter

The Gallery ran to packed houses for five years. It ran alongside David Mancuso’s Loft. Mancuso was a mentor of Siano -who would later work at The Loft- and encouraged the young DJ to open The Gallery. Siano was only 17 when the club first opened. Two of The Gallery’s most celebrated regulars were Frankie Knuckles and Larry Levan who, inspired by Nicky Siano, soon elevated themselves to working at The Gallery and eventually to DJing (Levan would also became Siano’s lover). From here Frankie Knuckles went on to open Chicago’s infamous Warehouse and Larry Levan opened The Paradise Garage.

“Larry and I would blow up balloons, set up the food bar, prepare the punch, and give out acid, but we also spent a lot of the time hanging out in the booth, watching Nicky’s every move. He pretty much taught us what we were doing.” Frankie Knuckles

The Gallery became a stepping stone for many future stars - Grace Jones and Loleatta Holloway made their debuts at the legendary club.

Nicky Siano became the first DJ to obtain star status. He was also the first DJ to mix records together, which brought him a growing crowd of musical admirers and future DJs:

“Nicky was the first mixer and mixing became everything. It was the most exciting part of the record.” Mike Stone

“At the end of the night he would sit down, take off his shoes and socks, and start to mix with his toes! Everybody loved Nicky. Nicky was the first DJ star.” Michael Gomes

“Larry Levan, Walter Gibbons, Tee Scott would all sit in the booth taking notes, waiting for Nicky to pass out so they could jump over him to get to those turntables. They were like eager wolves!” Kenny Carpenter

In 1978 Siano turned his hand from DJing to making music. Along with a young Arthur Russell, another regular at the Gallery, he formed Dinosaur and released the groundbreaking “Kiss Me Again” on Sire Records; which sold 300,000 copies. The record featured David Byrne on guitar, who himself would shortly go on to form Talking Heads.

By the end of 1978 Siano’s prodigious drug habit had caught up with him. He closed The Gallery and was eventually sacked from Studio 54 after playing the whole of Kraftwerk’s “Trans Europe Express”! Siano left the music world, de-toxed and then in the 1980s devoted his time to working with the Aids community in New York.

He came back to DJing at Body & Soul in 1998, playing at the Larry Levan birthday memorial night, and has been playing ever since. This is his first Glasgow appearance for many years, and one we are all looking forward to. Another true pioneer of the the world DJ scene plays at Melting Pot.

For more info on Nicky Siano:

Hot Mess

We are also very excited to have Hot Mess upstairs with resident DJ Simonotron showing us why Hot Mess has caused such a stir on the Edinburgh club scene over the last couple of years. We'll leave it to Simonotron to describe what Hot Mess is:

HOT MESS is a disco party for queer kids (and their friends) who are looking for an alternative to Edinburgh’s mainstream gay scene. You don't have to be queer to come, but if you're not, you probably will be by the time you leave. It has an eclectic music policy that ranges from synthwave and italo obscurities, through throbbing house and techno, with a deep streak of disco love joining the musical dots.

We can't think of a better foil to Nicky downstairs: this night is going to be HOT and MESSY!!

Melting Pot Pre-Club
The Admiral, 72a Waterloo Street, Glasgow, G2 7DA
Free entry with Melting Pot DJs
9pm - 11pm

Melting Pot DJs will be kicking things off at our pre-club at the new renovated upstairs bar in The Admiral

With thanks to Loud & Clear Hi-Fi for sound equipment:

Melting Pot
Sat 1st Sept - Nicky Siano (The Gallery, NYC), Sat 6th Oct - Floating Points
Sat 3rd Nov - Greg Wilson, Sat 1st Dec - Joey Negro
The Admiral, Glasgow
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Posted: Sat Aug 11, 2012 10:59 am Reply with quote
Joined: 07 Jan 2008 Posts: 188
Andrew Pirie: Summer Album Chart 2012


Melting Pot
Sat 1st Sept - Nicky Siano (The Gallery, NYC), Sat 6th Oct - Floating Points
Sat 3rd Nov - Greg Wilson, Sat 1st Dec - Joey Negro
The Admiral, Glasgow
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