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Posted: Wed May 27, 2009 4:35 pm Reply with quote
Joined: 29 Apr 2008 Posts: 25 Location: Glasgow/London

The Deep End, Let It Bleed and Snafu Aberdeen
are very proud to present a one off amazing night:


Forget jumpsuits, Studio 54 and John Travolta. The true heart of disco is deeper and Pat Mahoney wants to take you directly to it.

Pat, member of LCD Soundsystem and co-founder of vanguard imprint DFA Records; is taking his love and appreciation for undiscovered disco music on the road again. Under the moniker Special Disco Version and sometimes with his LCD band mate James Murphy. The project is an extension of their hush-hush, roof-shaking parties that, in the past have taken place at NYC's APT and currently resides at NYC's Santos.

"People hear that word disco, and they see bellbottoms and 'That '70s Show.' No, no, no," says Mahoney "This is real liberation music for people who know where to go. This is the real deal."

The frequently overlooked and undermined period of American musical history resulted in some of its richest material, inspiring Murphy and Pat as they built DFA, and creating the role of the DJ and structure of the nightclub as we now know them. With bands like DFA's own Hercules & Love Affair snagging critical and fan praise all over the world, the air is rife for a second disco revolution.

"Special Disco Version" is an old term for a dance interpretation of a pop song, now known as a remix. It was frequently printed on a circular sticker and slapped on the record's sleeve, left for Mahoney to discover 30 years later as he plumbed the bins at New York record stores. SDV the party will bring back such gems - some of which are more rock than dance, and more minimal than orchestral - to curious dance floors, and mix them with new material. The fresh blend will rock the party in unprecedented ways, and offer LCD fans a new perspective on the musical roots of their favorite band.


In the realm of dance music, there are few producers that thrive on blurring the boundary between eclectic experimenter and populist ass-shaker as much as Q-Burns Abstract Message. Equally comfortable covering Krautrock legends Faust or dropping his favorite chunky house grooves into the mix, Q-Burns is indeed the rare auteur. Whether globe-trotting as a DJ, co-running the Eighth Dimension Records label, remixing artists like Rabbit in the Moon, Fila Brazillia and Lawrence Welk, or recording his own original productions, Q Burns is all about the coaxing the maximum soul out of the machine.

Based in Orlando since the early 90s, the former record shop owner and college radio DJ has spent the past two decades developing a sound that is obsessively devoted to the funk. His animated, vodka-soaked DJ sets have won audiences for the well-traveled Donaldson from San Francisco to (literally) Siberia, and landed him primo opening slots for GusGus, Chemical Brothers and Meat Beat Manifesto.

Funky Transport
Producer, remixer and DJ at Aberdeens finest and longest running House night The Deep End!

Advance tickets available NOW from One Up, Five(no booking fee) and Ticketweb
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Posted: Wed Apr 25, 2018 5:39 am Reply with quote
Joined: 25 Apr 2018 Posts: 1
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